I don’t know about you ladies, but dry sham­poo is prob­a­bly the best inven­tion that has ever swung my way. I praise this inge­nius can of mod­ern beauty tech­nol­ogy every day I wake up and see my damnable oily roots side-by-side with the clock telling me to leave in 10 min­utes. Let’s be hon­est, nobody has time to wash their hair every sec­ond morn­ing before work or col­lege — if you do you are one sassy, organ­ised lady and I envy you. Unfor­tu­nately, that’s just not me so enter stage: Batiste dry shampoo!

If you haven’t heard of dry sham­poo before, pre­pare to be reborn. If your hair isn’t look­ing so fresh in between washes all you need to do is give your roots a quick spray where you need it and — voilà — oil-free, clean-looking hair with a lit­tle extra vol­ume (bonus!) Now I’ve only tried a few brands of dry sham­poo but due to Batiste’s easy avail­abil­ity (it’s sold in most phar­ma­cies, beauty stores and super­mar­kets) and it’s fair price ($10 for 200ml) I always seem to repurchase.

Most recently I’ve picked up the “Cherry” Batiste. It’s a super sweet and fruity fra­grance and isn’t over­pow­er­ing like a lot of dry sham­poos I’ve tried. To use it, you spray a small amount of prod­uct onto your roots from 30 cm away. Make sure you get into the lay­ers of your hair by lift­ing sec­tions and spray­ing under them. Like I said before, be care­ful with how much you use because a lit­tle goes a long way and too much will leave you with pow­dery, white roots. After you’ve spritzed it through your hair a lit­tle bit, get your fin­ger­tips and mas­sage it around. Tada! Style it as usual and you’re left with clean hair. Well, not really but I won’t tell if you don’t…

Batiste is avail­able from most local super­mar­kets or phar­ma­cies, or from Price­line for $10.00.