When it comes to cleansers, I don’t really ask for much. I want it to take my makeup off when I tell it to, take it off quickly, with min­i­mal fuss, and not leave behind any residue. I’m big on con­ve­nience and don’t like to spend too long on my skin­care rou­tine, espe­cially of-an-evening when I’m all tuck­ered out from a hard day at work. For a long time I only fussed with facial wipes (ter­ri­ble, I know!) which wreak havoc on your skin and tend to be very dry­ing. Garnier’s Micel­lar Water has been a per­fect replace­ment for facial wipes in my skin­care rou­tine due to it’s fast, easy convenience.

Garnier Micellar Water

I love micel­lar water for it’s abil­ity to quickly remove my every­day makeup with­out dry­ing my face out or leav­ing any residue. My face feels clean and refreshed after use and I often give my face a once over dur­ing the day if I’m not wear­ing any makeup — espe­cially dur­ing sum­mer — to remove any excess oils and dirt. If you’re wear­ing heavy makeup or water­proof eye prod­ucts, this won’t get the job done effi­ciently. It will remove your makeup even­tu­ally, but it’s much faster to use an oil-based cleanser specif­i­cally designed for makeup removal. When I wear heavy makeup I’ll usu­ally use a makeup wipe or proper makeup remover to get the bulk off, and then use my micel­lar water to clean up the left­overs and wash away any oily residue left behind from the other cleansers.

I have yet to pur­chase a more expen­sive brand of micel­lar water, only because I don’t feel the need! Garnier’s Micel­lar Water more than cov­ers my needs and I can’t find any fault with it, espe­cially for the price. I have tried Bioderma’s for­mula of Micel­lar water at a friend’s house and I could not feel any sig­nif­i­cant dif­fer­ence. Garnier’s micel­lar water really impressed me and I will def­i­nitely be repurchasing.

When I pur­chased this it only cost me about $7.00 if mem­ory serves, but clearly demand has dri­ven the price up — you can pur­chase Garnier’s Micel­lar Water from Price­line for $12.99. How­ever, the value for money still sur­passes every other brand I’ve seen, and I will hap­pily pay it. It’s also avail­able at your local Wool­worths and Coles!

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