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Have you got dry, life­less hair that needs a lit­tle boost? Unfor­tu­nately — as we all know — life can really get in the way of hav­ing the soft, lus­trous mane of your dreams. Heat styling, per­ma­nent colour, bleach and even the weather can all take its toll on your hair so it’s impor­tant to give back some of that lost mois­ture and pro­tec­tion! The best way to pam­per your locks is with a treat­ment or mask, and Hair&Me have got you cov­ered with their organic Hair Reju­ve­na­tion Treat­ment*. Hair&Me is a nat­ural hair care com­pany based in Aus­tralia and their prod­ucts are cruelty-free and vegan friendly so def­i­nitely check them out at

The Hair Reju­ve­na­tion Mask is a nat­ural oil-based treat­ment con­tain­ing Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil, Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil — and I’ve writ­ten “Oil” so many times now it’s start­ing to look like a made-up word! Oil, oil, oil… Any­way, mov­ing on from my non­sense. It claims to strengthen and hydrate your hair from the inside out, mois­tur­is­ing your scalp to fight dan­druff and dry skin. It’s designed to be used as a pre-shampoo leave-in treat­ment that cuts blowdry­ing time by 30–50%… so does it live up to its promises?

Hair&Me Hair Rejuvenation Treatment - Maklina Makeup Hair&Me Hair Rejuvenation Treatment - Maklina Makeup

At A Glance


- Nat­ural and Organic Ingre­di­ents
– Cruelty-Free & Vegan Friendly
– Good, Thick Con­sis­tency
– Heav­enly Smell
– Super Hydrat­ing!
– Saves Time Blow Dry­ing
– Soft (soft, soft,) Shiny Hair!
– Very Convenient/Easy Application


- A lit­tle expen­sive for 2–3 uses

My Expe­ri­ence

The treat­ment has a trop­i­cal coconut and macadamia smell that makes me dream of warmer weather — damn this Mel­bourne win­ter! I left the pouch in the fridge for half an hour prior to appli­ca­tion as Hair&Me sug­gests and it really helped to keep the tex­ture thicker and creamier. I didn’t need to chase lit­tle trails of oil down my arm like I’ve had to do with other treat­ments (hal­lelu­jah!) which makes this the eas­i­est appli­ca­tion of an oil-based treat­ment yet. As an added bonus your hands will feel baby soft when you’re done! Appli­ca­tion only took a few min­utes and once I’d fin­ished coat­ing my hair I popped a cheap shower cap over my head to pro­tect my clothes and sat back and let the treat­ment work it’s magic.

The min­i­mum time rec­om­mended to leave the reju­ve­na­tion treat­ment on is 45 min­utes and you can leave it on overnight if you pre­fer. I got a great result with 6 hours, so if you’re a busy gal you can def­i­nitely get away with much less. I’ll admit, I was a lit­tle skep­ti­cal of Hair&Me’s claims that this could cut my blow dry­ing time in half — but wow! I spent about 5–10 min­utes less than nor­mal and my strands were left feel­ing silky, smooth and hydrated. Speak­ing of hydrated; my thirsty, dry hair goes through con­di­tioner like nobody’s busi­ness but after using this treat­ment, I ended up need­ing about half my usual amount of con­di­tioner. If that’s not a def­i­nite indi­ca­tor of my hair being well hydrated and pro­tected, I’m not sure what is!

I’m very happy with the Hair Reju­ve­na­tion Treat­ment, it has def­i­nitely lived up to its promises and I have no com­plaints. The pouch con­tains 90mls of prod­uct which looks like it will last me 2–3 uses (I have medium length fine hair, falling to about mid-chest) but if you have shorter hair you should be able to stretch it out fur­ther. My only mis­giv­ing is that I have made home-made coconut oil treat­ments in the past that have given me more uses for a lower price. Home-made treat­ments, how­ever, require more work on your part to gather the (many) ingre­di­ents, try new recipes and then find some way to get the liq­uid on your head with­out mak­ing a huge mess! So Hair&Me gets a big thumbs-up for con­ve­nience and qual­ity but I wouldn’t be able to afford to use it reg­u­larly on my bud­get — and you will want to use it reg­u­larly after you’ve felt your silky, frizz-free tresses. (Yes, you can do the Pan­tene hair flip after using this!)

If you’ve been search­ing for a non-chemical treat­ment that can make your hair and scalp feel like new, I def­i­nitely rec­om­mend head­ing over to Hair&Me’s web­site here to take a look at their Hair Reju­ve­na­tion Treat­ment. ($19.95 plus ship­ping.) Have you tried it, or any sim­i­lar prod­ucts? Let me know on twit­ter @maklinamakeup or in the com­ments below!

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