I’ve been pretty excited to get my hands on some Lush prod­ucts for some time now, but with the clos­est Lush store hours away I’ve never really found the time. Luck­ily for me, a brand new Lush store opened just recently right around the cor­ner from me and I trot­ted down with a pock­et­ful of money to spend on some prod­ucts I’ve had my eye on.

The Dorothy Bub­ble Bar imme­di­ately caught my eye with it’s cheer­ful rain­bow colours and promis­ing sub­tle fra­grance. I tend to get a lit­tle over­whelmed by the strong per­fumes inside Lush and the light, sweet smell of Dorothy won me over straight away. Hav­ing never used a bub­ble bar before, I didn’t really know what I was look­ing for in terms of qual­ity but it looked excit­ing any­way and I’m an easy sales tar­get! I’ve heard noth­ing but love and light for the entire range of bub­ble bars Lush has in stock and I fig­ured I couldn’t really go wrong.

I went home and read numer­ous reviews and watched videos of peo­ple using their Dorothy bars and got really excited by what I watched and read, I love me a colour­ful bub­ble bath and every­one raved about the bright blue water! How­ever I noticed in the reviews that the bub­ble bars they had looked “hydrated” (for lack of a bet­ter term), brightly coloured and, well, soft. Not mine! And that’s where the trou­ble started. Per­haps I bought one from a bad batch, maybe Lush Aus­tralia uses dif­fer­ent ingre­di­ents or per­haps even an entirely new for­mula has been made since the reviews I read were pub­lished, but my bub­ble bar was com­pletely different.

Firstly it was hard and crumbly, very harsh and scratchy on my fin­gers when I tried to crum­ble it under­wa­ter. (Key word: Tried. It wouldn’t crum­ble until it was down to the mid­dle!) It didn’t even look like the nice squishy-playdough-look-a-like ones I’d seen on Youtube. It looked dried out, cracked and piti­ful — but to be hon­est it’s not the way it looks that counts, it’s how it per­forms… which brings me to my next point.


Where was my blue water?! Child­ish as it sounds, I was ter­ri­bly excited for my blue water. The water went a slight orange colour once the rain­bow has dis­solved, and once the blue mixed in it became a barely iden­ti­fi­able murky colour.

That being said, it pro­duced a lot of bub­bles! The bub­bles had a fine, silky tex­ture to them that I really enjoyed, although that may be typ­i­cal of all Lush prod­ucts. I wish I could have used half of the bar at a time, but it was so hard there was no way I could have cut it before­hand. Once I got over my ini­tial dis­ap­point­ment I came to love Dorothy; my bath smelled like a sweet tea with ylang ylang and still gave me oxy­gen to breathe. The water was silky smooth and left my skin mois­turised and fra­grant with­out feel­ing like I had grimy soap stuck to my skin. The bub­bles lasted for about an hour before I decided to get out, but since I used the whole bub­ble bar new bub­bles sprang to life every­time I added any new water to the tub!

I do feel a lit­tle let down as I expected a much nicer tex­ture to the bar itself and had hoped to cut it and save some for later, and it was a bit of a cop-out to not get my coloured water! How­ever all-in-all I def­i­nitely enjoyed it for the lovely citrus-y scent and silky feel and I will def­i­nitely buy again. I have yet to try any other bub­ble bars from Lush so it will be inter­est­ing to see if all of them are hard and scratchy like Dorothy was or if this was a once-off mistake.

Let me know what you think about the bub­ble bars Lush has to offer, Dorothy espe­cially… was your expe­ri­ence any­thing like mine? 

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