Hi lovelies! Yes­ter­day I popped into Lush with no inten­tion of buy­ing any­thing (as you do) and ended up con­ning myself into spend­ing about $30.00 any­way! I will have a haul up soon but first I want to gush about this lit­tle beauty, the Golden Won­der Bath Bomb. It’s one of their lim­ited edi­tion Christ­mas inven­tions so it won’t be around for much longer, but if you like baths, cit­rus smells and mer­maid lagoons, you need to try this.

I nearly bought this based on smell alone; it’s got a sweet cit­rus scent that caught my atten­tion. Cognac, lime & sweet orange oil come together in a sweet, fizzy, champagne-like per­fume. It’s not too over­pow­er­ing and reminds me of an orange sher­bet candy. What really sold it for me though was the blue cen­tre the Lush atten­dant informed me about — I l-o-v-e myself a coloured bath!

Once I got it home and dropped it into the water, I got a gor­geous sur­prise. This lit­tle bath bomb really is like a gift, once it’s unwrapped it explodes with blue, green, pink, pur­ple, flu­oro yel­low and tiny lit­tle golden stars! These lit­tle gold stars float on top of the multi-coloured fizzing layer of froth on the sur­face then dis­solve into the blue water beneath, leav­ing it laced with a metal­lic golden lus­tre. Once the fizzy white layer dis­solves you’re left with a stun­ning deep blue bath with gold shim­mer swirling around you. It’s like a mer­maid lagoon, and so opaque! I couldn’t see my hand at all when I held it at the bot­tom of the bath.

Have a squizz at the pho­tos of the water and the demo video!
So if you like the look of this one (and how could you not?) I would absolutely rec­om­mend treat­ing your­self to Golden Won­der this Christ­mas! It cost me $7.50 so it’s def­i­nitely a lit­tle on the expen­sive side for one bath, but I loved it and stayed in the bath watch­ing movies in the mag­i­cal water ’til I was pruny like a raisin! You can pur­chase it from your local Lush store until after Christ­mas or online here. Have you tried any Lush Christ­mas prod­ucts this year? Let me know in the com­ments or on twit­ter @MaklinaMakeup.