Hi every­one! Tonight I had myself a nice, long, relax­ing bath with my Lush Green Bub­bleroon and I loved it so much I just had to put up a quick review. Sorry about the absence of photos/demo videos but I didn’t even think to post about this until it was already over! I have been absolutely helter-skelter at work over the busy Christ­mas period, not to men­tion falling behind on my own Christ­mas planning.

I really loved the smell of the Green Bub­bleroon in store, it’s like freshly cut grass with lime and cit­rus tang and juniper berries — sweet and fresh and very sum­mery! I love “green” and leafy smells so this was in my bag with­out a sec­ond thought. I’d been putting off using it though because I’ve been in the mood for smooth and creamy baths and this looked too fresh and clean if you know what I mean (prob­a­bly not, haha). I picked this one for tonight any­way because it’s been sit­ting in it’s lit­tle bag for weeks now and it looked so lonely and forlorn.

I was really sur­prised and delighted with the out­come though. It smells fresh and clean but it makes the water so silky and thick! The water turned a creamy, minty pale green and I could feel the mois­ture on my skin imme­di­ately. I loved this feel­ing, like my skin was coated in silky mois­turiser, but if you’re not a fan of that ‘oily’ feel­ing this is not for you! There were no oil or cocoa but­ter blobs (thank good­ness) and there was no residue left on me after I towel dried so if you want mois­ture with­out the yucky left­over oil feel­ing, I would def­i­nitely rec­om­mend this lit­tle guy.

As far as it being a bub­ble bar, it wasn’t par­tic­u­larly bub­bly. That could be due to this being a bit of a poorly batch but I only got a thin layer of bub­bles over the sur­face of the water and thick bub­bles to cover a few patches of my bath. I ended up using both halves because I wasn’t impressed with the bath using just one half, which is a lit­tle dis­ap­point­ing. I was hop­ing to get two baths out of it but to be hon­est, this was so lovely it was worth the whole thing. The bub­bles dis­in­te­grated in about ten min­utes but I loved the milky water on it’s own. It was so dense and creamy I couldn’t see my body past the first cou­ple of inches of water, it was like a bath melt!

I really loved this one and it’s def­i­nitely going to be pur­chased again. I hope the next one makes more (and longer last­ing) bub­bles though. You can pur­chase this from your local Lush store or online here for $6.50AUD. Have you tried this Lush Green bub­bleroon? How did you find yours?