Hi Lovelies! I men­tioned in my post about the gor­geous Golden Won­der Bath Bal­lis­tic that I had picked up a few things from Lush. I’m a total Lush junkie and I’ve even bought more prod­ucts since I took the pic­tures for this post (couldn’t help myself!) so I’ve put together a quick Lush Haul for you. Have a look at these lit­tle beauties…
First Up: Relent­less Whale Soap! This tiny cutie fits into the palm of your hand eas­ily and is a lim­ited edi­tion for char­ity. It’s absolutely adorable and smells heav­enly! The scent is a heavy flo­ral jas­mine with ylang ylang, the same exact scent of ‘Lust’, a sadly dis­con­tin­ued Lush soap. It’s a fun, hot pink colour with fine shim­mer through it so it’s super girly and pretty! 100% of the pur­chase price goes directly to char­ity: Sea Shepherd’s Oper­a­tion Relent­less cam­paign… so what bet­ter rea­son to snatch these up before they go? You can pur­chase your own Relent­less Whale soap for $4.95AUD here or at your local Lush store.
Sex Bomb Bath Bal­lis­tic: This is a nice ol’ reli­able that you can’t go wrong with if you’re in the mar­ket for a girly bath. Not a favourite of mine but it makes the most gor­geous dusky pink water and smells great! It’s got a cute lit­tle rose inside that soaks up water and then turns to a weird soggy-bread con­sis­tency… pretty but kind of off-putting so I just pluck it out of the water once the bath bomb has fin­ished fizzing around. This one is $6.75AUD online or at your local Lush store.
Green Bub­bleroon: I haven’t had the oppor­tu­nity to try this one yet but I can’t wait to pop this in the bath and see how it goes. It smells like fresh grass and orange flower, so fresh and clean and spring-like! This one in par­tic­u­lar doesn’t look so hot — it doesn’t travel well. This is $6.50AUD online or in-store.
And last but cer­tainly not least — the Golden Won­der Bath Bal­lis­tic. I’m in love with this one! I’ve picked up a back up that I’m sav­ing for a rainy day and I wish I had the money to buy a mil­lion to last me until next Christ­mas time when these come out again. I put up a detailed review includ­ing a demo video on my blog, you can view it here.

If any­one has tried the green bub­bleroon please let me know what you thought of it! And that goes for any­thing reviewed here: Agree? Dis­agree? Let me know in the comments!