Hi Every­one! My name is Bambi, and I’m a Lush addict! I posted a cou­ple of days ago about how I received a Gift Box for my birth­day, but I had already plucked the Rose Queen bath bomb out of the box! So here’s a sep­a­rate review on my deli­cious bath­time experience.

Once again I’m so happy these prod­ucts were gifted to me (from my fam­ily, not Lush) because none of them were prod­ucts I would ever have cho­sen on my own, but they’ve opened my senses to a whole new expe­ri­ence! The Rose Queen bath bomb now stands def­i­nitely as my favourite bal­lis­tic bath bomb from the Lush range — so far. The smell was deli­cious; not the syn­thetic rose smell that I dis­like, but a true rose with these beau­ti­ful notes of laven­der and gera­nium and maybe a hint of cit­rus and vanilla. The Lush web­site describes it as:

“The scent of this one is a light flo­ral rosy accord, of rose absolute and gera­nium, with amber notes of rock rose.”

It was fas­ci­nat­ing to watch as it siz­zled in the bath! As soon as it touched water a cas­cade of del­i­cate petals sprawled out­wards from the cen­tre and filled my bath with silky, heav­enly, baby-pink water. I’ve embed­ded a video at the end of the post which can also be found on youtube here.While the water con­tin­ues to smell great and even leaves the scent on your skin after­wards (well, of course, that’s what it’s for) I was delighted to find that each of the petals and float­ing around the bath held even more! I would scoop up hand­fuls of the pretty lit­tle float­ies, crush them in my hands, and enjoy catch­ing another whiff. Some peo­ple have reported that their bath bombs had hardly any petals but my par­tic­u­lar one had zil­lions, plus some rose and laven­der buds.

I had myself a long, very relax­ing bath, how­ever I wasn’t look­ing for­ward to clean­ing the pesky lit­tle petal pieces from the sides of my tub! For­tu­nately, this didn’t pose as much of a prob­lem as I thought. Most of the petals were car­ried straight down the drain with­out stick­ing any­where, and the rest were rinsed of eas­ily with a lit­tle splash of water. If you don’t like the idea of bits and pieces all over you and your bath, I would sug­gest wrap­ping the Rose Queen bath bomb in a small sheet of thin fab­ric or some nylon stockings.

Over­all, I now adore the Rose Queen bath bomb! My skin after­wards felt soft and silky and very much hydrated, not dry at all. Hydra­tion and mois­tur­is­ing prop­er­ties are high up on my list of pri­or­i­ties as my own skin is nat­u­rally dry and gets eas­ily irri­tated. While my skin felt soft and mois­turised, it didn’t feel oily or as if a film was left behind. Some peo­ple like the ‘oily’ residue (for lack of a bet­ter term) because it’s usu­ally left behind by a rich, lux­u­ri­ous prod­uct. I, how­ever, can­not stand it so if you’re like me you’ll love this one!

If flo­ral scents and girly, sooth­ing baths inter­est you, then I strongly sug­gest get­ting down to your local Lush store. As with all Lush prod­ucts, there are mixed reviews for it, but unfor­tu­nately that is just a by-product of all Lush prod­ucts being hand-made and there­fore slightly dif­fer­ent. I know from expe­ri­ence that if some­thing you’ve pur­chased seems lack­lus­tre, it’s prob­a­bly a prob­lem with the batch! The Rose Queen Bath Bomb has now earned itself a posi­tion as a sta­ple bath time item for me, and at a low $4.95 (on the Lush Web­site here) it’s amaz­ing for the price!

UPDATE: This smelled absolutely heav­enly and I loved it, but I’ve since vis­ited Lush a tril­lion times and every time I try to buy Rose Queen it smells COMPLETELY dif­fer­ent in store and is a washed out paler pink! Not nice at all. The girls instore said that they smelled nor­mal so I may have got­ten a dud batch that hap­pened to be a mil­lion times bet­ter than the orig­i­nal. That being said, have a look in your local store and see if you like it. I’ve con­stantly got my eye out for a new batch, hop­ing it will be closer to what I had. — 10/12/13