Happy Birth­day to me! My 19th birth­day has come and gone, and I thought I’d share some of my cel­e­bra­tory cheer with you guys. First up, Rosie: my Lush gift box. If I haven’t gushed about it already, I absolutely adore Lush! Dur­ing my first visit to Lush, I could barely stand all the over­pow­er­ing scent and I only really liked the sweet, vanilla, creamy smells. Now when I visit I can hardly con­tain myself, squish­ing my nose into everything!

I feel like my sense of smell has matured some­what and I’m able to appre­ci­ate a wider vari­ety of scents. Even so, it takes all the strength I have not to spend my entire pay­check in one go and leave with glo­ri­ous arm­fuls of soaps and creams!

I’m really glad this Lush gift box was given to me because I would never have cho­sen any rose-based prod­ucts on my own. I’ve never really taken a shin­ing to that dried rose smell… how­ever I was pleas­antly sur­prised by these! Miss­ing from the photo is the Rose Queen Bal­lis­tic Bath Bomb, I couldn’t help myself and had a bath with it right away! A detailed review of my deli­cious Rose Queen bath is com­ing soon.

In this box comes 3 prod­ucts (Not includ­ing the Bath Bomb):

1. Aman­do­pondo Bub­ble Bar
I’m very excited for this one! The first smell to hit you is a big whiff of lemons, then come the rose under­tones. The Lush web­site promises that I will have an exor­bi­tant amount of bub­bles if I use the whole thing at once, and boy, do I love a good bub­ble bath. If I don’t get com­pletely cov­ered in bub­bles so that only my head sticks out (like the movies!) I’m going to be pretty dis­ap­pointed! Aman­do­pondo looks like a cit­rusy, rosy delight and I can’t wait to try it! In fact, it’s cold and rainy and over­cast today, which sounds like per­fect bub­ble bath weather to me…
Buy Aman­do­pondo Here!


Ignore my ugly chipped nails in the photos…!

2. Rose Jam Bub­bleroon
This pink lit­tle gem is adorable! Shaped like a mac­a­roon and cute as a but­ton, I’m look­ing for­ward to this bath. The smell is like a sweet rosy jam (well, that’s the name) with shae but­ter for a creamy addi­tion and some lemon undertones.The smell reminds me of those hid­den lit­tle gift shops in laneways that sell trin­kets and crys­tals and incense.
Because of the shape, it can eas­ily be bro­ken in two and used for two baths! You can cut or break any bub­ble bars to use more than once, but I find it a bit of a has­sle try­ing to crack these tough, crumbly nuts.
This one isn’t avail­able on the Aus­tralian Lush web­site, but I’ve seen it in-store before, so just pop into your local Lush store and see if they have any in stock.



3. Ro’s Argan Body Con­di­tioner
Now I’m a lit­tle con­fused about this one… do I use it in the shower? Or after? Either way, this body con­di­tioner is so lux­u­ri­ous and creamy, I want to slather the whole jar on my body right now!
The smell is exactly the same as the rose jam bub­bleroon, only creamier. I’ve put it on my dry skin like a body lotion and the smell is deli­cious! How­ever, the name “con­di­tioner” seems to imply that it be used in the shower… well it’s a deli­cious prod­uct any­way and I’m seri­ously con­sid­er­ing buy­ing the full-sized tub when I run out.
The full-sized 225gm tub is $32.50 and can be bought on the Lush web­site here!

Lush-Rosie-Ros-Argan-Body-Conditioner-Maklina-Makeup Lush-Rosie-Ros-Argan-Body-Conditioner-Maklina-Makeup


All the prod­ucts here as well as the Rose Queen Bath Bomb can be pur­chased together in this lush gift box for $24.95 at your local Lush store or on the web­site here. It comes in a cute lit­tle box with pretty, flo­ral wrap­ping paper and it would be the absolute per­fect gift for a birth­day or the not-so-far-away Christ­mas if you love sweet, rosy smells!

So, have you tried any of these? Let me know in the com­ments below!




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