“Indulge your senses with this exclu­sive blend of coconut milk to nour­ish your hair,
while ultra whipped egg white pro­teins add strength and elas­tic­ity, along with weightless
coconut oils to add hydra­tion and balance.”

Hi ladies! isn’t that descrip­tion enough to make you want to pur­chase with­out a sec­ond thought? Well, I took a chance based on that poetic lit­tle sen­tence and def­i­nitely do not regret it!

I’ve had my eye on the Organix (or OGX) range for a while now, mostly because I’m a sucker for pack­ag­ing and I love the design of these bot­tles… clever mar­ket­ing strikes again! Drawn to these by the ‘Organic’ label and the promised reward of silky soft hair, I pur­chased the Nour­ish­ing Coconut Milk sham­poo and con­di­tioner, as well as a leave-in con­di­tioner for extra good mea­sure (my hair has seen bet­ter days…) which left me about $50 out of pocket.

For $20 a bot­tle, it’s def­i­nitely on the pricey side for a drug­store prod­uct. hav­ing said that, it def­i­nitely sur­passed my expec­ta­tions and worked won­ders with my dam­aged hair. There are a lot of mixed reviews out there for this brand but it’s impor­tant to remem­ber that everybody’s hair and scalp is dif­fer­ent and what works for me may not work for you, and vice versa. For me, per­son­ally, this stuff was like liq­uid gold! It smells absolutely heav­enly, with a lux­u­ri­ous coconut scent that reminds me of hol­i­days in the sun, slather­ing coconut oil onto my skin — before I became tan-conscious, of course. The sham­poo lath­ers up really nicely and leaves my hair feel­ing squeaky clean and light-weight. I leave the con­di­tioner on for about 2 min­utes and my hair is left amaz­ingly soft and silky with­out weigh­ing it down. I use the leave-in con­di­tioner on days where my hair feels a lit­tle dry or frizzy and it works instantly; It’s like a quick fix for bad hair days! If I use the leave-in con­di­tioner every day between washes it tends to get weighed down pretty quickly, but not so much as using argan oil or a sim­i­lar leave-in treatment.

I didn’t really expect to have per­fectly healthy hair again after the hell I’ve put it through, but this really has gone above and beyond and brought my fried, frizzy hair back to life again. I have already pur­chased another vari­a­tion from the OGX range to try so I won’t be repur­chas­ing for now, but they’re def­i­nitely on my good list. The leave-in con­di­tioner espe­cially, it’s much more hydrat­ing than any oth­ers I own, I was very impressed with it.

I’ve since found out that there really isn’t any­thing organic about these, which is why the brand was forced to re-label to ‘OGX’, which I found pretty mis­lead­ing, but after using the prod­ucts and reap­ing the ben­e­fits I’m will­ing to let it slide. Bot­tom line: if you have the cash it’s def­i­nitely worth a try but have a quick look online at other reviews and decide for your­self, this seems to be the sort of prod­uct that you’ll either love or hate depend­ing on how it treats you!

You can pur­chase the OGX range from Price­line or Woolies (Aus­tralia) for around $20 each, depend­ing on which one you buy. They can also be pur­chased from Boots (which I just found out is way cheaper than Aus­tralia!) or Ulta if you’re overseas.

Have you tried any­thing from the OGX range? How did it treat you? Let me know!
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