Hi girls! I’ve only been back in the blo­gos­phere for a few days and I can’t believe I left for so long! I’d been stretch­ing out my lit­tle hol­i­day for as long as I could, for­get­ting entirely that this is hardly even work — hell, it’s FUN, that’s why we all do it right? In any case, have I raved about Orig­i­nal Source shower gel before? If you haven’t heard of it yet, SURPRISE! These babies are my favourite scented shower gels after Lush prod­ucts — if you’re a Lushie, you’ll recog­nise the grav­ity of that state­ment. Orig­i­nal Source make the most divine smelling body washes… think shea but­ter and honey, tingly mint leaves, fresh laven­der — and the fra­grances are 100% nat­ural and true-to-life.

As I was out gro­cery shop­ping last week I skimmed past these on the shelves and saw a new addi­tion (well, for my super­mar­ket any­way) and fell imme­di­ately in love! After all, who could resist a baby pink bot­tle of vanilla milk and rasp­berry? Not me, in case you haven’t caught on. This is the most amaz­ing smelling shower prod­uct I’ve come across. Obvi­ously, scent is a per­sonal choice that varies per­son to per­son, but this stomps all over my pre­vi­ous favourites; Lush’s Snow Fairy and my shea but­ter and caramel scrub from Lux.

When was the last time you had a Straw­ber­ries and Cream Chupa Chup? Rasp­berry milk­shake? Imag­ine if you could smell like that. Well now I do! As for the qual­ity, it’s amaz­ing for the price. It’s not a lux­ury wash by any means but it does only cost $3.99 from most retail­ers (and about £2 in the UK.) It lath­ers up nicely and leaves my skin feel­ing soft and hydrated and makes me smell like the candy queen of berryland.

This is def­i­nitely on my repur­chase list and has replaced my mid-year crav­ing for Snow Fairy sweet­ness, if you like sweet sug­ary scents you need to get your mitts on this shower gel! If you’re in Aus­tralia you can pur­chase these from super­mar­kets for around $3.99 and if you’re in the UK you can get these for just a few pounds at Boots.

Have you tried any Orig­i­nal Source prod­ucts? They’re dirt cheap but really heav­enly for daily use on a budget!
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