Hi every­one! My shower time is sacred and as such I’m pretty selec­tive about the scents and prod­ucts I choose. I would love to be able to afford lux­ury prod­ucts to make me feel rich and famous in the shower (and occa­sion­ally I splurge) but for the most part I stick to bud­get brands for every­day use. I gen­er­ally save my real lux­ury expen­sive items for a nice bath, I love baths! What’s in my shower dif­fers from time to time; I hate get­ting so stuck into one prod­uct rou­tine that I miss out on new and excit­ing things. Hav­ing said that, here’s a snap­shot of what I’m using right now and my thoughts on the products…

1. Herbal Essences “Tou­sle Me Softly” Sham­poo and Conditioner
I have a love/hate rela­tion­ship with these two. On one hand it makes my hair smell so beau­ti­fully amaz­ing, I’m in love with this scent. It’s fruity and flo­ral and leaves my hair feel­ing super soft and feather-light. On the other hand, some days it just does not agree with my hair. It’s meant to make your hair nice and light and ‘tou­sled’ and as a result I think it’s a bit dry­ing. If my hair isn’t feel­ing so great this sham­poo and con­di­tioner only seems to make the prob­lem worse. I won’t be repur­chas­ing these once they’re fin­ished because of this but I’ll be really sad to let this go since my hair won’t be smelling as nice any­more (sigh, girl problems).

These were about $5.00 each I think, just from my local super­mar­ket. On another note, Herbal Essences Sham­poo and Con­di­tioner in “Hello Hydra­tion” is a really great prod­uct and I’ll be get­ting those again next.

2. Lux Exfo­li­at­ing Shea Scrub
I have an undy­ing love for Shae but­ter prod­ucts and I’ve always got at least one thing in my shower with Shea but­ter in it! This one is Shea but­ter and caramel (ugh, heav­enly) and it has tiny lit­tle beads in it to help scrub away the dead skin. I use this on my loofah to exfo­li­ate every cou­ple of show­ers, or before I fake tan. As you can see, I’m nearly all out but I’ll def­i­nitely be buy­ing this one again, it’s a sta­ple in my shower routine.
This is about $6.00 from your local supermarket.

3. Orig­i­nal Source Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel
I love the pack­ag­ing on the Orig­i­nal Source prod­ucts, they have cute lit­tle facts on the front about the nat­ural ingre­di­ents inside. “7,927 real mint leaves help make one skin-tingling bot­tle of this Orig­i­nal Source Mint and Tea Tree Shower Gel.” It’s got a lit­tle bit of men­thol in it I think, it leaves your skin all clean and tingly and refreshed and smelling like pep­per­mint lol­lies. I cycle between this shower gel and the next one com­ing up, and I’m still hav­ing an inter­nal bat­tle about which one I should repur­chase, or both!

4. Orig­i­nal Source Shea But­ter and Honey Shower Gel
Like I said, I can’t live with­out shae but­ter and this is so deli­ciously creamy and rich. Every shower is a hard deci­sion to make: do I want to feel cool and clean and refreshed, or silky and lux­u­ri­ous? Both of these Orig­i­nal Source Shower Gels can be pur­chased at your local super­mar­ket or phar­macy for just over $4.00.

5. Con­di­tion­ing Treatment
Obvi­ously these two are the con­di­tion­ing treat­ments from pack­aged hair dyes so I can’t really tell you where to get these in par­tic­u­lar. But I would rec­om­mend that every girl has a sim­i­lar con­di­tion­ing treat­ment in their shower to be used about once a week. These are pro­tein treat­ments like those lit­tle “3 Minute Mir­a­cle” treat­ments you can buy. Pro­tein is amaz­ing for your hair but too much of any­thing is too much and this is no excep­tion. If you leave this in your hair for too long or use it too often your hair gets a pro­tein over­load which is very bad and can cause your hair to snap off. I made this mis­take once a few years back and tried to use these con­di­tion­ers every time I washed my hair, I nearly killed all the hair on my head! It took quite a while to recover (shud­ders). That being said, using this once a week — or once a fort­night even — does absolute won­ders for your hair, espe­cially if your hair is dry and damaged.

The Aussie 3 Minute Mir­a­cle Con­di­tioner is sadly not sold in Aus­tralia (oh, the irony) but if you live in the U.K or the U.S you’re in luck! Pan­tene does a sim­i­lar treat­ment that you can buy in most phar­ma­cies and super­mar­kets for Aus­tralians, alter­na­tively you can ask around at Hair Sup­ply stores for what treat­ments they sell from more expen­sive companies.

6. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner
This is such a great prod­uct for keep­ing my skin silky and mois­turised. It smells like a sweet rose jam and it’s just divine, but I don’t use this very often purely because I would rather leave the shower smelling like shea but­ter and caramel! The full-sized 225gm tub is $32.50 and can be bought on the Lush web­site here, so it’s a bit pricey, but it’s so rich I con­sider it a spe­cial treat.

And that’s lit­er­ally all the prod­ucts in my shower. Let me know what you think in the com­ments below, or on twit­ter @Maklinamakeup!
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