When you’re on a bud­get, the best cos­tumes are the ones made from styl­ish pieces you can re-use and get your money’s worth from! So for this Hal­loween, why not go as Cleopatra…

When­ever I think of Cleopa­tra my mind instantly flies to Eliz­a­beth Taylor’s por­trayal in the 1963 Cleopa­tra film. I’ll be the first to admit it’s nowhere near his­tor­i­cally accu­rate in terms of, well, any­thing… but Irene Sharaff’s stun­ning cos­tume design blew me away from the start and Alberto De Rossi’s artistry iconi­cized Taylor’s sig­na­ture winged makeup. If a Hal­loween cos­tume has to be scary for you, then start with this as a base then go crazy with fake blood and dead makeup for that ‘Zom­bie Cleopa­tra’ look!

I’ve trawled the inter­net for my favourite (bud­get) Cleopa­tra pieces for this Hal­loween look. This cos­tume is super easy to put together, all you need is a black Cleopa­tra wig, a maxi or shift dress, and a bunch of jew­ellery to dress it up! Let’s have a peek at what I found…
1: Zara Pleated Drop Back Chif­fon Maxi Dress
Where: Boohoo.com, Get It Here
How Much: $65.00
For the base dress for your cos­tume, nearly any dress can be worked in! Maxi dresses in any colour, gold dresses in any style, and of course a flow­ing white maxi will fit the part perfectly.

2: May­belline Colour Tattoo
Shade: Turquoise Forever
To mimic the per­fect turquoise/teal Cleopa­tra eye!

3: MAC Fluidline
Shade: Blacktrack
My favourite gel liner for a Liz Tay­lor cat eye.

4: Natalie Blue And Gold Plate Earrings
Where: Boohoo.com, Get It Here
How Much: $12.00
I love the turquoise and gold com­bi­na­tion for that ancient Egypt­ian feeling.

5: Turquoise Tribal Col­lar Stud Necklace
Where: Lovisa, Get It Here
How Much: $39.99
I’ve cho­sen here to stick with the gold & turquoise colour theme but you can use lit­er­ally any gold state­ment jew­ellery you can find!

6: Tina Long Tassle Necklace
Where: Boohoo.com, Get It Here
How Much: $22.00
Another beau­ti­ful gold piece.

7: Sleek Eye Dust
Shade: Breathless
Dust over the colour tat­too to matte the colour.

8: Gold Beaten Curve Clamp Bracelet
Where: Lovisa, Get It Here
How Much: $16.99
Slide up your arm for a cleopa­tra arm cuff!

To com­plete the look add some gold san­dals or glad­i­a­tor san­dals, a black Cleopa­tra wig (of course) and a gold head­band or head­chain. Any­thing gold! This really is an easy look to pull out of your own closet, all you really need to be recog­nised is a cheap wig from a cos­tume store.