This sea­son, I have fallen in love with Midi Rings. To be hon­est, I’ve fallen in love with a lot of things, but money’s been tough with my school­ing suck­ing all my cash away! As such, I’ve yet to get my lit­tle blog­ging fin­gers on any yet, but I’ve been watch­ing and sali­vat­ing from afar. I was first intro­duced to them as ‘Midi’ rings but they’re also known as Mem­ory rings, Knuckle rings or Tea rings. They range in style from adorable and tiny to thick bands to intri­cate designs to jewel-covered fancy getups, and I’m addicted to them all. Let’s have a look at some styles I’m obsessed with and where you can buy your own midi rings.
1. Etsy $11.90
2. Lovisa $7.99
3. Etsy $10.30
4. Etsy $15.15 (Set of 4)
5. Top­shop $25.00
6. Top­shop $7.50