Right now, I’m hav­ing a love affair with sequin dresses. Not just any sequin dresses, the ones absolutely cov­ered in them so you have this daz­zling tex­ture of sparkles and colours! I’ve been scour­ing the net for these beau­ties (win­dow shop­ping, if you will) on the look­out for a great bar­gain and a per­fect dress. This look is obvi­ously quite dressy; it’s glitzy and glam­orous and you’ll look like a star but occa­sions where I can get all dressed up don’t come along too often so I want to get a dress I can wear more than once. I’ve rounded up my favourite sequin dresses from my favourite online shop­ping stores, from the cheap (that will prob­a­bly fall apart once I’ve worn it a few times) to the gor­geous ones with the hefty pricetags!
1. The Out­net: Michael Michael Kors Sequined Metal­lic Bouclé Dress
$130.00 AUD Avail­able Here
A bit exxy but more than half price off! I love the pocket details and the demure hemline.

2. Ally Fash­ion: Short Sleeved Sequined Body­con Dress
$34.99 AUD Avail­able Here
This is one of the ones I men­tioned would only last a few wears before sequins start com­ing off! Decent qual­ity but you get what you pay for and this is only a bar­gain $35.00.

3. Top­shop: Cherry Dress by Motel
$110.00 AUD Avail­able Here
The only midi dress I included… it looks like a stan­dard black at first glance but the sequins actu­ally reflect gor­geous multicolour!

4. Motel Rocks: Motel Criss Cross Body­con Sequin Dress
$99.00 AUD Avail­able Here
I love the mer­maid colours of this! The lovely islaay posted a fab OOTD using an iden­ti­cal dress (with a lower back­line) in iri­des­cent green here, check that out!

5. Fash­ion Union: Pewter Sequin 3/4 Sleeve Fit­ted Dress
$65.00 AUD Avail­able Here
Super glitzy with a low neck­line in the back, I’d love to pair this with some tights for the cooler months.

6. Boohoo: Allie Sequin One Shoul­der Body­con Dress
$75.00 AUD Avail­able Here
I think the loose one shoul­der sleeve is play­ful and ele­gant and deserves to be worn with heels and a classy attitude!

7. Ally Fash­ion: Sequin Strap Detail Dress
$34.99 AUD Avail­able Here
This is another afford­able option I love. It’s shiny and pol­ished and I love the strap details.

8. Boohoo: Selma Sequin Swing Dress
$75.00 AUD Avail­able Here
I think this loose swing dress is great for the warmer months com­ing up, since most sequin dresses are double-lined and hold a lot of body warmth!

9. Motel Rocks: Motel Zabby Turtle­neck Dress in Navy Vel­vet With Emer­ald Sequin
$94.00 AUD Avail­able Here
Where to start with this one! Reflec­tive emer­ald sequins over soft navy vel­vet in a sleek body­con style with a high turtle­neck — daz­zling, inter­est­ing, dif­fer­ent, great for win­ter but not in a drab win­ter shade. This one is my favourite by far!

I def­i­nitely rec­om­mend you check these out if you have a spare minute to sali­vate over sparkles and glit­ter! Some of these are on the expen­sive side, which unfor­tu­nately is a by-product of a gar­ment being cov­ered in tiny sequins, but a gor­geous dress is really worth it if you have the spare cash. So tell me, are you lov­ing or hat­ing sequin dresses this sea­son? Let me know in the com­ments below or on twit­ter @maklinamakeup!

EDIT: over at miss­guided (one of my favourite stores ever!) you can lit­er­ally just type in ‘sequins’ into the search bar and a plethora of stun­ning sequin dresses pops up. I didn’t include these because I love them all so much there’s no way I could fit them all in this post or nar­row it down! One of my favourites from this dis­cov­ery is this:
I know, I know! Look at that colour, and only $30.00 AUD too. It’s on clear­ance at the moment and I think it may be due to the messy, ‘dis­tressed’ sequins look. I would have pre­ferred this dress if I couldn’t see the black lin­ing through it! Any­way, head over to Miss­guided if you’ve got a spare minute, you won’t regret it!
  • http://lovetelina.blogspot.com Telina

    Great picks! I love the Miss­guided one, it’s such a pretty colour x


  • Bambi

    Isn’t it gor­geous?! Love your blog, fol­lowed!
    Bambi xxx