Stuck on what to buy your friends for Christ­mas this year? I’ve put together a quick Christ­mas gift guide for her to help move things along. Gifts at Christ­mas time (in my opin­ion) don’t need to be func­tional or cost effec­tive or any of that every­day non­sense. Most of the time if some­body needs some­thing they’ll buy it for them­selves! Christ­mas is about get­ting thought­ful, adorable gifts that are pretty and novel and excit­ing! It’s about buy­ing things they would not usu­ally splurge their own money on but they’ll be glad you did. Some pretty much all of these gifts are on the small “stock­ing filler” side, lit­tle gems to sup­ple­ment other gifts or to be used together in a cute gift pack. Have at look at my top 10 gift ideas.
1. Lush Christ­mas Inven­tions; Absolutely adorable Christmas-themed designs that are lim­ited edi­tions for the hol­i­days only. Snow Fairy is always a win­ner! $5.00 — 30.00
2. EOS Sphere Lip balm or Celebrity Balm from Colette (not as nice but EOS is hard to get in Aus­tralia!); EOS lip balms are fan­tas­tic and the pack­ag­ing is just so cute. $2.00 — 4.00
3. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine; I think every girl should own one of these lip­sticks, if not for the qual­ity then for the pret­ti­est lip­stick pack­ag­ing ever! It’s so girly and ornate and is def­i­nitely a lit­tle piece of lux­ury. $34.00
4. Jew­ellery! Lovisa’s new Dia­mond Sim­u­lants Col­lec­tion is amaz­ing. It’s high qual­ity jew­ellery with lab-grown false dia­monds for a frac­tion of the price of a higher end jew­ellery store. I own one of the rings and it’s gone through hell and still looks per­fect (and no green rings on my skin!) Of course, any cute jew­ellery is a great gift for girls. $20.00 — 40.00
5. MAC Lip­stick; MAC cos­metic prod­ucts in Aus­tralia tend to cost an arm and a leg (and I’m pretty sure it’s no bar­gain in other coun­tries either!) so sur­prise her with another great lip prod­uct that she might not oth­er­wise splurge on. If you’re unsure of which one to buy, get her a safe every­day pink/nude, or find the per­fect shade of red! $36.00
1. Can­dles! Splurge on a sweet-smelling jar from Yan­kee Can­dle or Dip­tyque, or grab some per­fect stocking-filler wax melts as pic­tured here. Each wax melt is a few dol­lars each and smell amaz­ing! $2.00 / $30.00+
2. Nov­elty items/homewares like this adorable teapot from typo; $29.95
3. Phi­los­o­phy Shower Gel; So many amaz­ing scents to pick from for lux­u­ri­ous, deli­cious show­ers! $16.50
4. Real Tech­niques Brushes; I love these! The qual­ity is amaz­ing for the drug­store price and even if she’s not a beauty junkie, it’s hard not to appre­ci­ate a super soft fluffy brush in place of the usual sponge. Pic­tured here is the new set “Sam’s Picks”. iHerb is the cheap­est place to buy if you’re in Aus­tralia. $18.00
5. YSL Minia­ture Per­fumes; Or any miniature/gift sets of per­fumes. A bit pricey but the scents are worth it. $69.00
And that’s all for my Christ­mas gift guide for her. As a beauty blog­ger I can’t help but cen­tre it around beauty but I don’t need to tell you that if all else fails, choco­late will save the day! Thanks for read­ing and let me know in the com­ments what you’re buy­ing your girl friends/sisters/mothers from Christmas!
  • Georgie

    Hello! I came across your blog after look­ing for some reviews on Lovisa’s Dia­mond Sim­u­lants range. I love rings and I noticed you said that yours had gone through quite a bit and still looks great. Are you able to wash your hands with the ring daily with­out it get­ting tar­nished? I’m won­der­ing if I should buy from their range or just save up for some­thing at the jeweller.

    Thank you :)

    • Bambi

      Hi Georgie! I have got­ten the ring wet every now and then and it’s doing won­der­fully but I try not to wash my hands with it still on for the most part — mostly because I’m afraid it would prob­a­bly tar­nish! It’s excel­lent qual­ity for the price I paid and it hasn’t tar­nished yet but I doubt it would stand up to daily wash­ings. Might be bet­ter to save for a qual­ity jew­ellery store ring that will last much longer.
      Hope I’ve helped a bit, good luck!

      Bambi xx