I’ve never been a big fan of herbal teas, a plain, sweet cey­lon tea has always been a safe flavour to sip on for me. I’ve recently started to branch out into the Madame Flavour col­lec­tion after try­ing some sam­ples, and I’m hooked! I’ve only had the oppor­tu­nity to try 3 so far, but here’s a small review!

Green, Jas­mine & Pear:
“Cool pear adds a fruity note to this clas­sic fra­grant tea.”

This is my favourite, hands down! I love a good green tea and this is just that but slightly sweeter and, as the decrip­tion sug­gests, a touch fruity. I add milk (which I prob­a­bly shouldn’t do) and an extra sugar because my sweet tooth is insatiable.
I think this is a must-have sta­ple to your per­sonal tea col­lec­tion, I could sip this all day — well, I am at this moment, to be honest.

Sul­try Chai:
“Sen­sual black tea spiced with Car­damom, Cin­na­mon, Gin­ger and a dash of Aus­tralian Moun­tain Pep­per leaf.”

This one is not to my taste, but my house­mate adores it! It smells beau­ti­fully spicy and I’m assured that if you like Chai you will love this tea.

Sig­na­ture Blend:
“Selected from my 3 favourite cey­lon estates, hand-picked and blended with love.”

This one has replaced my usual lip­ton and tet­ley black tea bags, it’s a beau­ti­ful blend and I can’t get enough of it! The recom­monded infu­sion time is 2–3 min­utes but I only leave my tea bag in for about 1, I enjoy a light brew with a touch of milk and a spoon­ful of sugar.

Each infuser pod holds enough flavour to re-infuse mul­ti­ple times, so you get more for your money each time (which I’m sure any­one can appre­ci­ate). The adorable bags are bio-degradable and every box of tea comes with a lovely wel­come note with infor­ma­tion about how to get the best out of your cho­sen blend.
I can’t wait to get my hands on some more and get a full collection!

Visit Madame Flavour’s Web­site for more details on each of her blends, how to make the per­fect cup of tea and find out where to buy some of your own.

RRP: $5.29 (18 infuser pods)