The price of cos­met­ics in Aus­tralia is usu­ally dis­pro­por­tion­ately high to the prices in some other coun­tries (depend­ing on which company/brand) so when I find qual­ity bud­get cos­met­ics a lit­tle part of me does a lit­tle dance inside! Sleek Makeup was one of those happy finds. A palette of Dol­lar Store makeup (children’s play­time qual­ity) is usu­ally around $5–10.00 so when I saw these Sleek Palettes with such glow­ing reviews for only $12.50 I knew the pur­chase would def­i­nitely be worth it, and I have not been dis­ap­pointed. I own two Sleek Palettes as of the present, ‘Oh So Spe­cial’ and ‘Bad Girl’. Bad girl is the per­fect dra­matic smoky eye palette in my opin­ion, with smoul­der­ing, dark, jewel and metal tones and plenty of shim­mer to go around. So today I’ve got a lit­tle run-down on the qual­ity of these palettes — with swatches, of course.
For the swatches above, I decided against mak­ing nice opaque blocks on my arm like most swatches I see online. Here I’ve cir­cled my fin­ger­tip in the pan and swiped only once or twice on my arm; you can see the shade it turns out but also more impor­tantly, how the pig­men­ta­tion com­pares shade to shade. It isn’t as vis­i­ble on cam­era as it is in real life, but for exam­ple: Under­ground and Intox­i­cated are rel­a­tively sheer com­pared to some­thing like Obnox­ious or Abyss, both of which were so creamy and pig­mented it was like apply­ing war paint! You can also get a bit of a feel for how the for­mu­las apply, obvi­ously Noir was a bit chalky and messy com­pared to the other swatches.

The high­light shades close-up, they were a lit­tle dif­fi­cult to see in the full picture.
Inno­cence is a gor­geous pearles­cent high­light shade, a silvery-off-white that I think would be a per­fect high­light for cool-toned smokey eyes. Great colour payoff.

Gullible. Another pearl high­light shade, def­i­nitely the most-used colour in the palette for me! It’s a nice pale nude/champagne colour. I like the neu­tral­ity of it, most of my light high­light colours are way too pink or yel­low, this is really ver­sa­tile. Great colour payoff.

Blade and Gun­metal are the two cor­re­spond­ing sil­ver colours in the palette. Both are a deep, cool steel shade with a pearl fin­ish, good colour payoff.

Under­ground and Noir are the two black shades in the palette. Under­ground has a pearl fin­ish and sig­nif­i­cantly less colour pay­off than Noir, but only because Noir is so pig­mented and soft. Noir is a matte fin­ish but I have to be really care­ful using it because SO much prod­uct picks up so eas­ily on my brush. The Noir that came with my Oh So Spe­cial palette is noth­ing like this and it should be used with cau­tion! The first time I used this palette I picked up a brush­ful, tapped off the excess (just like I had done with the other colours) and I some­how had enough prod­uct to make my whole face black and put fall­out every­where (haha, that was fun to clean up).

Intox­i­cated and Envy are two beau­ti­ful mossy for­est green shades. Both are a pearl fin­ish and Envy has a bet­ter colour pay­off than Intox­i­cated. Envy also has a dif­fer­ent kind of fin­ish than most of the shades here, it’s some­where between a pearl and a satin fin­ish, a lot less reflects.

Obnox­ious and Abyss are the two sapphire-blue shades in the palette and the ones with the best colour pay­off! (Besides Noir of course) Both have a pearl fin­ish and are a dream to apply, so smooth and pig­mented! There’s a bit of a sea-green under­tone to the blue and it leaves a bit of a stain on the skin that’s eas­ily removed with a wipe. I haven’t had a chance to wear these two for a long period of time, I’d like to see how they fare on longevity and staying-power because they’re both pretty amaz­ing in every other respect.

Lastly, Twi­light and Rebel bring up the rear with the two jewel-like pur­ple tones. Twi­light is a deep, dark, cool-toned pur­ple with a shim­mer fin­ish, almost black. Rebel is a gor­geous berry matte shade with a great colour payoff.

I haven’t used this palette nearly as much as I would like to, sim­ply because I don’t wear such intense smoky eyes very often. I’ve used Noir a lot — the best black shade I own but it drops down every­where so be sure to use some kind of shadow shield. Also often-used are the two high­light shades, since they’re so ver­sa­tile and can be used with a lot more softer, every­day looks. If you’re a lover a intense, sul­try, smokey eyes than this is def­i­nitely the palette for you! You can pur­chase it from the Sleek web­site here. I hope you enjoyed this Bad Girl palette review, let me know in the com­ments below!

One last ques­tion: Has any­one else expe­ri­enced a dif­fer­ence in qual­ity between the ‘Noir’ in dif­fer­ent palettes? I’m inter­ested to know if they’re all dif­fer­ent or if one of my Noirs is a dud!
  • Sophie

    I love twi­light!! its gor­geous. That sounds like a bar­gain for you, I’ve heard of some spend­ing $50 on prod­ucts that are so much cheaper over here.

    Sophie xx

    • Bambi

      It can be pretty ridicu­lous! But I’m just happy it’s not like Italy where every­thing costs a tril­lion dol­lars! Twi­light is so lovely xxx

  • Karen

    One of my besties moved to Oz and I have been to visit her. I could not believe how expen­sive cos­met­ics were! I wish we had Sleek here in the US, I would love to try it! Every­thing I’ve read sounds like it’s excel­lent qual­ity for the price!

    • Bambi

      It really is great for the price! It’s a shame they don’t have it in the U.S, are you not allowed to ship it over or does it just cost a bil­lion dollars?

  • Sarah

    I love the qual­ity of this palette, so pig­mented! Shame I don’t get to use it much either as they are very intense colours. Would love to try some of their lip prod­ucts — Bal­let looks like such a good nude set! x

    • Bambi

      I com­pletely agree! I’ve yet to try any of sleek’s lip prod­ucts but I have high hopes! xxx

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