Hal­loween is right around the cor­ner, and I find myself with­out a cos­tume once again! If you’re any­thing like me, each year you make a pact to have a cos­tume put together and ready in time for Hal­loween… only to end up plumb out of ideas and money days before.

By now I’m an expert at last minute ideas, so I’m going to share what I used for a Hal­loween party last year when I found myself unpre­pared —Rigid Col­lo­dion.

easy halloween makeup



I’ll admit, it’s a bit pricey for such a small amount of prod­uct (around $7 for 7.5 mls) but it’s so quick and easy you won’t regret it! Rigid Col­lo­dion is a spe­cial effects liq­uid that tight­ens and pulls your skin together (sounds worse than it is) to pro­duce an indented, healed scar effect. I can’t for the life of me find a pic­ture of the fin­ished prod­uct last year, but it looked exactly like this (image prop­erty of beautifulyoutv)


easy halloween makeup


It’s such a fun and flex­i­ble prod­uct in terms of what you can do and what you can wear it with. You can do a nor­mal face of makeup or some­thing more sin­is­ter; you can you colour the scar to look like any stage of the heal­ing process. I wore my scar much like the pic­ture above, just a flaw­less face of makeup and a semi-healed pink scar down the side of my face. If you search “Rigid Col­lo­dion” on google there’s an end­less sup­ply of ideas: spi­dery webs of old white scars, joker-style chelsea grin scars and fresh, painful-looking red scars.

The prod­uct comes in a bot­tle sim­i­lar to nail pol­ish with a lit­tle appli­ca­tion brush. Warn­ing: It smells strongly of chem­i­cals and alco­hol, never use it in an enclosed space because the fumes gave me one hell of a headache. Like nail pol­ish remover from HELL. It should also never be used near the eyes or on any ten­der areas of skin, as you will remove a layer of skin when you peel the scar off!

Beau­ti­fu­lY­ouTV has an excel­lent step-by-step tuto­r­ial on how to make your own scar here, but here is a quick guide:

1. Using a flesh-toned or rose coloured lip liner, map out the shape of the scar you want. This will be the base colour of the scar, so use what­ever colour you want for the look.
2. Take your Rigid Col­lo­dion and paint a thin layer over the scar you’ve just drawn. You will feel it as it starts to harden and pull the skin in! Wait for it to com­pletely dry before adding another layer. Add more whever you feel is nec­es­sary, the more layer you add, the deeper the scar will be… and more likely for the edges to peel if you overdo it.
3. The scar will now look pretty shiny, so take a pow­der foun­da­tion and dust over it to set the rigid col­lo­dion. Then take a con­cealer and blend into the scar.
4. Final Step! Take a lip­stick in the colour you want your final look to be, run over the length of the scar, tweak if needed and you’re done!

This can be used in con­junc­tion with a full com­s­tume, with some extra effects, or just on it’s own. So there you have it, an easy, last minute hal­loween idea!


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