Iconic Palette Review and SwatchesIconic Palette Review and Swatches

Let’s get real for a moment here; how many hours have you spent day­dream­ing about the incred­i­ble Naked Palettes from Urban Decay? Don’t pre­tend, we’ve all been there (Unless you’re lucky enough to own one!) The first Naked palette took the beauty world by storm with it’s per­fect mix of matte and shim­mer neu­trals and Naked 2 & 3 have been equally as breath­tak­ing… and expen­sive. If you’ve been star­ing long­ingly at the $78 price tag on those babies and just can’t jus­tify spend­ing so much on one palette, let me present to you: The Iconic Palettes from Makeup Rev­o­lu­tion! These 12-shade palettes are nearly exact dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked 1, 2 and 3, so if you’re um-ing and ah-ing over which one to buy or just can’t part with a small for­tune, these will be per­fect for you.

Each palette costs $7.79 (as I’m writ­ing this) which is one hell of a bar­gain for 12 shad­ows… so of course I bought all 3 of them! There are a bunch of other vari­a­tions of the palette besides the Naked dupes but I wanted to give these a proper test­ing before I went wild and spent all my money (I’m sup­posed to be on a tight bud­get.) Today I’ll be swatch­ing and review­ing all 3 for you, so with­out fur­ther ado let’s just jump right in.

The pack­ag­ing of the Iconic is fairly cheap and dif­fi­cult to get open at first but over time it loosens and now I never have any trou­ble get­ting it open in a hurry. It’s got a sleek, min­i­mal­is­tic feel to it and it’s sturdy — per­fect for trav­el­ling. A double-ended sponge appli­ca­tor is included, and while they tend to get a bad rap, I think they’re won­der­ful for pack­ing on colour. I love the clear lid so I can see which one is which in my bag; a prob­lem I had with my Sleek palettes is that they all look the same and I have to find the label or open them up which can be a has­sle when you’re in a hurry.

The qual­ity of the shad­ows is actu­ally very decent; a lot bet­ter than I expected for the price. When I first swatched them I was unim­pressed; the very top layer was tightly packed so I got barely any prod­uct and it swatched quite sheer and dry. After I had rubbed off the top layer of shadow they were much bet­ter! Most of the shades have pretty decent pig­men­ta­tion and tex­ture, espe­cially with the use of a fix­ing spray (I made my own with glyc­er­ine and water) and a good base. Of course the qual­ity of the Iconic doesn’t come any­where near the orig­i­nals from Urban Decay, so if you have a taste (and the money) for the finer makeup prod­ucts in life these might dis­ap­point. If you’re a bud­get queen like me and can work with cheaper prod­ucts, you’ll love these! The qual­ity varies from shade-to-shade, some can be chalky and dif­fi­cult to blend and the mattes can be fairly sheer, but there are enough good colours to make these palettes worth the buy, espe­cially on a budget.

Now brace your­self for a long post! To skip ahead to my swatches and reviews of a par­tic­u­lar palette, use these links.

Iconic 1 Palette
Iconic 2 Palette
Iconic 3 Palette

Iconic Palette Review and Swatches

L-R: Makeup Rev­o­lu­tion — Iconic 1, 2 and 3


As you can see, the shades in the Iconic palettes are nearly spot-on dupes for the Naked palettes. They’re not all per­fect, but they’re the clos­est dupes I’ve ever found, espe­cially in this price range. The pig­men­ta­tion and tex­ture are bet­ter than you’d expect for the price, and you can build most shades up or use a fix­ing spray to make them more vibrant if you have trou­ble work­ing with them. With­out the use of a base, they last around 4–5 hours for me, but using MAC’s Paint Pot in Soft Ochre they last me all day with min­i­mal fad­ing. For a palette aver­ag­ing $0.65 for each pan, that’s some impres­sive longevity.

Now for the swatches:

Makeup Rev­o­lu­tion — Iconic 1 Palette

Makeup Rev­o­lu­tion Online Store, $7.79

Iconic Palette Review and SwatchesIconic Palette Review and SwatchesIconic Palette Review and Swatches

Iconic 1 Palette Swatches - Top: Indoor Light; Bot­tom: Flash

Makeup Rev­o­lu­tion has not given names to the shad­ows in the Iconic Palettes, so for con­ve­nience I’ll just refer to each by the Naked palette shade they’re imitating.

Vir­gin — Soft baby pink with a sub­tle pearl sheen and satin fin­ish. Very smooth, easy to blend and works best as a highlight.

Sin — Dusty rose/pink with a shim­mer fin­ish. Decent pig­men­ta­tion, needs a fix­ing medium to really pop.

Naked — Matte neu­tral brown. Not very pig­mented, but that’s to be expected from cheaper matte for­mu­las. Colour can build up with a lit­tle work.

Side­car — Neu­tral medium brown shade with a shim­mer fin­ish. Same tex­ture as Sin, needs work to get a vibrant fin­ish but looks lovely when you’re done.

Buck — Matte brown, warmer and darker than Naked. Per­fect in the crease, decent pigmentation.

Half-baked — Vibrant golden bronze colour with a shim­mer fin­ish, decent pigmentation.

Iconic Palette Review and SwatchesIconic Palette Review and Swatches

Iconic 1 Palette swatches — Top: Indoor Light; Bot­tom: Flash

Smog — Deep shim­mery bronze. Good pig­men­ta­tion, builds and blends nicely.

Dark­horse — Cool dark brown with a shim­mer fin­ish. Needs to be applied wet or built up to get a dark, even result.

Toasted — Dark rusted cop­per colour with a shim­mer fin­ish. Builds and blends nicely.

Hus­tle — Smoky dark brown with a khaki tone to it, shim­mer fin­ish. Good pigmentation.

Creep — Dark char­coal, almost. More of a matte fin­ish with a few shim­mer par­ti­cles scat­tered here and there for a slightly glit­tery fin­ish. Best pig­men­ta­tion of the lot, but very chalky and can be very patchy if you don’t take the time to blend. Fall­out beware!

Gun­metal — Pearly gun­metal blue-grey shade. Good pig­men­ta­tion and very smooth.

Over­all — The matte shades are a lit­tle behind the shim­mers, which is very typ­i­cal of afford­able shad­ows. For­tu­nately, these mattes are bet­ter than I expected for the price, smooth and blend­able and not too sheer! The lighter shades need a lit­tle work to get a vibrant result, but the darker ones gen­er­ally have a pretty good pig­men­ta­tion and are nice and smooth with­out too much fall­out (Creep excluded!) All in all, a great afford­able dupe for the Naked 1 Palette.


Makeup Rev­o­lu­tion — Iconic 2 Palette

Makeup Rev­o­lu­tion Online Store, $7.79

Iconic Palette Review and SwatchesIconic Palette Review and Swatches Iconic Palette Review and SwatchesIconic 2 Palette swatches — Top: Indoor Light; Bot­tom: Flash

Foxy — Light cream/Vanilla shade with a matte fin­ish. Not very pig­mented but blends beau­ti­fully into other colours and applies smoothly.

Half-baked — Slightly cooler than the Half-baked from the Iconic 1. Looks like more of an antique gold in the pan, but swatches very sim­i­lar onto the skin. Creamier and more pig­mented than the Iconic 1 shade, with a shim­mer finish.

Booty­call — Light shim­mery cham­pagne with a pearl fin­ish. Great pig­men­ta­tion, blends well and looks beau­ti­ful as a high­light because it gives off a glow­ing reflec­tion with­out too many sparkles. The pan can get pretty messy with loose shadow if you attack it with a blend­ing brush, so watch out for fall­out also.

Chop­per — Deep cop­per with a shim­mery fin­ish. This one tends to apply very patchy and can be dif­fi­cult to blend, but with a lit­tle TLC has a gor­geous colour and shim­mer payoff.

Tease — Cool-toned matte brown, lean­ing towards taupe and mauve. Less pig­men­ta­tion as a matte but can be built up.

Snakebite — Cool-toned deep brown with a shim­mery fin­ish. As with Chop­per, it is a lit­tle more dif­fi­cult to work with than the oth­ers but looks great after a lit­tle work.

Iconic Palette Review and Swatches Iconic Palette Review and Swatches

Iconic 2 Palette swatches — Top: Indoor Light; Bot­tom: Flash

Sus­pect — Mocha brown with a shim­mer fin­ish. Good pigmentation.

Pis­tol — Taupe with a sil­ver shim­mer fin­ish. Very nice, good pigmentation.

Verve — Light taupe/dirty sil­ver with a metal­lic pearly fin­ish. Lovely tex­ture, nice and smooth and pigmented.

YDK — Shim­mery dark bronze, decent pigmentation.

Busted — Deep cof­fee brown with a sub­tle sheen and a few scat­tered shim­mer par­ti­cles. Pig­men­ta­tion con­sis­tent with the other mattes.

Black­out — Matte jet-black. I was pleas­antly sur­prised with this one! Most inex­pen­sive matte blacks tend to be dry, sheer, patchy, and gen­er­ally use­less. Black­out packs a lot of punch with pig­men­ta­tion but also can be chalky and dif­fi­cult to get an even fin­ish. With a lit­tle work you’ve got a dra­matic black with a sub­tle sheen.

Over­all — Iconic 2 is a more con­sis­tent palette, nearly every shade has about the same tex­ture and pig­men­ta­tion, with the excep­tion of the mattes. Some beau­ti­ful colours in here!

Makeup Rev­o­lu­tion — Iconic 3 Palette

Makeup Rev­o­lu­tion Online Store, $7.79

Iconic Palette Review and SwatchesIconic Palette Review and Swatches Iconic Palette Review and Swatches

Iconic 2 Palette swatches — Top: Indoor Light; Bot­tom: Flash

Strange — Soft, matte pas­tel pink/beige. Good pig­men­ta­tion for a matte and blends very well.

Dust — Light shim­mery pink with a glit­tery fin­ish to it. Can be very chunky and has lots of fall­out, but has a shiny, glitzy effect when you stack it on with a fix­ing medium. A sheer swipe of this makes an excel­lent high­light for a night time look.

Burnout — Rosy, peachy pink with a satin fin­ish. Decent pig­men­ta­tion that builds up for a soft, glow­ing effect.

Limit — Medium neu­tral pink/tan with a matte fin­ish. Great tex­ture and pig­men­ta­tion for a cheaper matte. Blends very well.

Buzz — Warm, deep rose with a shim­mery fin­ish. Can be chunky so watch out for fall­out. Packed on with a fix­ing medium this really pops.

Trick — Warm, shim­mery rose gold than leans towards cop­per, great pig­men­ta­tion and vibrant fin­ish, but beware of fallout!

Iconic Palette Review and Swatches Iconic Palette Review and SwatchesIconic 3 Palette swatches — Top: Indoor Light; Bot­tom: Flash

Nooner — A matte mauve with great pig­men­ta­tion and tex­ture for an inex­pen­sive matte. Nooner and Limit are my two new favourite tran­si­tion and crease shades, they both blend very nicely.

Liar — Shim­mery mauve with a metal­lic fin­ish, decent pig­men­ta­tion and looks lovely.

Fac­tory — Warm-toned brown with a satin fin­ish, decent pig­men­ta­tion but a bit of a bother to blend sometimes.

Mugshot — Shim­mery satin taupe, good pigmentation.

Dark­side — Satin dark mauve/taupe, good pigmentation.

Black­heart — The Naked 3 Palette’s ‘Black­heart’ is a pretty unique shade so I don’t really blame Makeup Rev­o­lu­tion for not get­ting this one spot on. Black­heart is a matte black with pink glit­ter par­ti­cles run­ning through it and it looks lovely in the pan. How­ever, the black doesn’t have very good colour pay­off and applies patchily with pink glit­ter scat­ter­ing every­where, so watch out for fall­out. It’s dif­fi­cult to blend and build up to a good level of pig­men­ta­tion so this is my least favourite shade of the palette.

Over­all — Beau­ti­ful palette of warm-toned neu­tral shades. All shades are pretty good with the excep­tion of Black­heart, this is my favourite of the three!


All three of the Iconic Palettes from Makeup Rev­o­lu­tion are worth your pen­nies if neu­trals are your jam and your wal­let needs a break. There are a few duds in there but the vast major­ity of them are well pig­mented, blend­able and very close dupes for the Naked palettes. You can pur­chase these from the Makeup Rev­o­lu­tion web­site, where they also have dupes for other pop­u­lar eye­shadow palettes such a the Lorac Pro which is def­i­nitely going into my bas­ket next! Let me know what you think of the palette, if you have it do you like it as much as I love mine? Till next time…

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