Hi girls! I’m pretty excited about this post I have for you today. Recently I was con­tacted by an up-and-coming Aus­tralian cos­met­ics brand called Klara Cos­met­ics. Ini­tially i was invited for a free makeover, but being unable to attend, they kindly sent one of their best-selling Kiss Proof Lips my way. To be hon­est, hav­ing never seen for myself the qual­ity of Klara’s prod­ucts, my expec­ta­tions weren’t very high (how many com­pa­nies have claimed to have the best pig­men­ta­tion in the mar­ket, right?) but upon arrival of my pack­age I was very pleas­antly surprised!

Firstly, let me talk about the pack­ag­ing of these vibrant lit­tle beau­ties. They come in a clear perspex-like tube which shows the colour of the prod­uct. The colours are very true-to-life and it also makes it eas­ier to find when you’re hunt­ing for that per­fect shade in your lip­stick drawer. They come with a flex­i­ble and super soft appli­ca­tor shaped like a lip brush rather than your stan­dard doe-foot shape.

This was not par­tic­u­larly dry­ing like many matte lip prod­ucts, but being matte it does have a dry look to it and can set­tle in the lines of your lips if you don’t exfo­li­ate and mois­turise before­hand with a good lip balm. So long as you apply a lip­balm before­hand you shouldn’t have any prob­lem with dry lips.

Klara Cos­met­ics’ cult and most-wanted prod­uct. No mat­ter how much you play around, this lip­stick will never betray you. Con­sist­ing of 100% pig­men­ta­tion, Kiss Proof gives you 24-hour long last­ing matte lips, full cov­er­age and high volt­age shades that make lips pop in 60 sec­onds. A stun­ning range of tones, from clas­sic nudes to the hottest notice-me colours, that don’t smudge, fade or bleed all day. Rec­om­mended and tested by pas­sion­ate women who don’t want to leave any evidence.
Kiss Proof lips absolutely lives up to it’s name. Once applied, it sets very quickly (within a minute I would say) to a matte fin­ish and from that moment it will not budge. No trans­fer what­so­ever! Eat­ing, drink­ing, and indeed, kiss­ing, will have no effect on your per­fect pout. I did find that oily foods tend to dis­solve the pig­ments, but that’s to be expected as some makeup removers are oil-based and you want to be able to take this stuff off even­tu­ally, right?

I can’t help but com­pare these to Lime Crime’s Vel­veteens (they are both matte lip creams after all) but Klara’s for­mula comes out in front in every way.

♥ Vel­veteens tend to leave a stain on my skin/lips, which unfor­tu­nately is a com­mon by-product of try­ing to squeeze too much pig­men­ta­tion into a for­mula with­out a proper ratio of base prod­uct. I was expect­ing the same from Kiss Proof, as this was more pig­mented than the Vel­veteens. I was very happy to find that this left very min­i­mal stain­ing, however.

♥ Kiss Proof is more pig­mented and has a thicker con­sis­tency. You only need one coat to get an even, full cov­er­age. I have very pig­mented lips and need two+ coats to get the cov­er­age I need, but that’s the unfor­tu­nate con­se­quences of pig­mented lips!

♥ Kiss Proof had no trou­ble stay­ing on my lips all day, whereas I find Vel­veteens tend to start flak­ing off after a while. Kiss Proof only had that flaky effect when I wore too many thick lay­ers. If you need to touch up, I sug­gest you remove and start over again to avoid a build-up.

♥ Kiss Proof also comes in a whop­ping 8ml for $29.00 whilst Vel­veteens are $24.00 for 2.6ml… that’s a lot of product!

I have not had a chance to try Aus­tralis’ Velour Lips or Nyx Matte Lip Creams to form a com­par­i­son, but against Vel­veteens Kiss Proof def­i­nitely wins out!
I was sent shade #04 Neon Hot Pink and my piti­ful cam­era just can­not do it jus­tice. It stands out as a def­i­nite neon colour once applied. It’s so bright and eye-catching! Kiss Proof Lips comes in 11 dif­fer­ent shades, rang­ing from every­day nudes to bright, daz­zling colours for the more dar­ing girls out there. You can see them for your­self on the Klara Cos­met­ics Web­site, along with their stun­ning range of other super pig­mented prod­ucts. Kiss Proof Lips retails for $29.00 and is 100% worth the money. I’ve got my eye on Neon Tan­ger­ine! unfor­tu­nately for you girlies over­seas, inter­na­tional ship­ping is not cur­rently avail­able, but I’m told it will be soon, so keep this on your wish­list and keep your eye on Klara Cosmetics!