See­ing as my last post here was a full face of creme base and gel eye­liner, I thought it would pretty neg­li­gent of me not to men­tion how to remove it all! So today I have a quick review for you on the May­belline Express Care makeup remover.

It’s super effec­tive against all my mas­caras and lin­ers, water­proofs included — it’s been an absolute life­saver for me! It’s oil based, so if you use too much you might be left with an oily residue, but that can eas­ily be fixed with a warm cloth just your nor­mal facial cleanser. In the pho­tos here I’ve used a water­proof liner on my hand.
What makeup remover do you use? How do you think it com­pares to the May­belline Express Care remover?

Shake the bot­tle: This just mixes the for­mula as the oil rises to the top and seper­ates after you’ve left the bot­tle to sit for a while.

Add a few drops to a cot­ton makeup pad. This one is just a swisspers makeup pad. You only need a small amount, depend­ing on how much makeup you need to remove.

Press the pad onto the area where you need the makeup removed. if you hold it for a few sec­onds it gives the makeup remover a chance to sink into the prod­uct. Here I held it down for a few sec­onds and it was com­pletely gone with one swipe.

I used this remover to get rid of the ridicu­lous amount of gel liner I used on my Pop Art Makeup tuto­r­ial from yes­ter­day. It works really well and it’s only $9 from pretty much any­where that stocks May­belline products.