A few months ago I was in the mar­ket for a sin­gle black eye­shadow see­ing as the one I use reg­u­larly is included in my Sleek palette and isn’t really travel-practical. A sin­gle MAC shadow is $30.00+ and I’m a budget-buyer so when I saw this for around $6.00 at a local drug­store (no testers unfor­tu­nately) I decided it was afford­able enough to be worth a shot. If I could go back in time and put it back on the shelf!

As you can prob­a­bly tell by the swatch above, I’m not at all impressed by this prod­uct. I wasn’t expect­ing any­thing amaz­ing for $6.00 but I don’t think it’s a lot to ask of a com­pany that I be able to scrape some kind of pig­ment out! In the swatch above, that’s mul­ti­ple appli­ca­tions and as much pow­der as I could get onto my fin­ger­tip! It’s almost as if they over-pressed the lit­tle pan so hard that noth­ing can come out and what pow­der does come off is so sheer as to be almost laugh­able. When I use black eye­shadow it’s usu­ally to build some inten­sity and drama into my makeup. This applies like a lit­tle dirt smudge that won’t apply evenly, won’t blend and cer­tainly won’t be very opaque.

I’ve even scraped lit­tle bits off just in case the top layer is sealed and the rest is usable but this was an absolute waste of a pur­chase and I’m glad it was only $6.00. Even so, that’s $6.00 I could have spent on some­thing worth­while! I’d give this a 1 out of 10 and would def­i­nitely not recommend.

Have you tried any of the May­belline Eye­stu­dio Eye­shadow sin­gles? Did you have the same prob­lem as me? let me know in the com­ments below or on twit­ter @MaklinaMakeup!