Hi guys, I men­tioned a while back in a makeup haul that I had picked up Maybelline’s new Mega Plush Volum’ Express mas­cara from my local super­mar­ket and was less than impressed with the results. It’s about time now for me to trade in this for a fresh mas­cara so I thought I’d put a review up for you guys on how it worked for me (Hint: it sort of didn’t…)

I love Maybelline’s entire Volum’ Express range for it’s afford­abil­ity and qual­ity; as far as drug­store mas­caras go these lit­tle guys have never let me down. Every time they release a new mas­cara (which hap­pens every other month it feels like) I pur­chase it to see how it com­pares to the oth­ers. I could buy pretty much any mas­cara from the Volum’ Express range and it would make my lashes gor­geous all day long. I’ve never had a prob­lem with flak­ing, smudg­ing, clump­ing or oth­er­wise — although I do spend a good few min­utes mak­ing my lashes per­fect in my makeup rou­tine. Mas­cara is my num­ber one beauty prod­uct, I could wear noth­ing but mas­cara and feel pretty, like­wise if I wore a full face of makeup and no mas­cara I would feel naked and ugly!

Mega Plush is the very first May­belline mas­cara that I have not liked. The brush and the for­mula do not work for me and although I have con­tin­ued to use it since I’m too poor to splurge on another so soon, it has not been the fab­u­lous expe­ri­ence I have become accus­tomed to with May­belline mascaras.

From the May­belline Website:
Mega lash vol­ume that’s never brit­tle or flaky:
– Rev­o­lu­tion­ary Gel-Mousse for­mula with 40% less hard waxes for mas­sive yet soft lashes
– Patented Flexor Brush gen­tly coats every lash with sup­ple volume
– Suit­able for con­tact lens wearers”

Now this might be very good for con­tact lens wear­ers, for all I know. But this gel for­mula was just too wet for me to apply eas­ily. A lot of prod­uct gets dis­pensed onto the brush, and I found it tricky to work with. I often had a clumpy, gooey mess on the spoolie that would leave splashes of mas­cara on my lids if I didn’t wipe the excess off on a tis­sue. This can be worked around by using a lash comb to brush out any clumps and excess prod­uct, but I gen­er­ally don’t need to do that with my other every day mas­caras. The new thick gel also takes longer to dry than ordi­nary mas­cara so I can’t blink for a few min­utes after appli­ca­tion or I would get mas­cara all over my lids. I found the brush to be slightly fid­dly for my lik­ing. I could get it to work for me even­tu­ally but it took more work and care than I usu­ally need. It was a daily strug­gle to do my lower lashes with­out get­ting mas­cara all over my bot­tom lid!

The Mega Plush mas­cara has got­ten rave reviews from other girls who have tried it, in fact I’ve seen many peo­ple claim it’s their new favourite! So obvi­ously there’s some­thing to this and if you’re think­ing of giv­ing it a go, have a look at how it has worked for oth­ers. This par­tic­u­lar mas­cara really didn’t work for me. I would rec­om­mend try­ing some of Maybelline’s other Volum’ Extreme mas­caras for an afford­able, great prod­uct. The Falsies is great if you want lots of drama, or One-by-One for a really smooth, clump-free appli­ca­tion. Mega Plush is avail­able from you local drug­store for around $18.50 depend­ing on where you go.

Have any of you tried Mega Plush? How did you find it? Let me know in the com­ments or on twit­ter @Maklinamakeup!
  • http://yourstrulyny.blogspot.com.au/ Natalie Y

    I bought this a while ago and some­how the wand was miss­ing! I got a dud.. haha. But then, I used a dif­fer­ent wand with it and a lot of prod­uct was on it. Like you said, it was a gooey mess! I was think­ing whether or not to repur­chase it cause of the miss­ing wand, but after read­ing this I don’t think I should bother. Thanks for the review girlie! :)

    • Bambi

      My house­mate just bought one of these aswell and she’s hat­ing it too! Stay faaaar away haha
      Thanks for read­ing, I know it was a bit long! :)
      Bambi xx

  • mintand­beauty

    Very sad to hear that :( I have but still haven’t tried. Now I’m totally demotivated.…

    You have a very nice blog. Love it! If you would like to see mine and fol­low me on bloglovin I always fol­low back ;)