Hi Lovelies! I’m back with a makeup haul and a small col­lec­tion of reviews. I picked up these few items from my local shop­ping cen­tre about a week ago:




“Give Some Lip” Liq­uid Lip Colour
Shade: Cal­i­for­nia Dreams
Where: Sports­girl
How Much: $8.95
I was imme­di­ately drawn to this super pretty pink. I’d describe it as a cool-toned, pale, fairyfloss, lilac sort of colour and it looks so girly and fun in the swatch I tried at the store.
On the lips how­ever, it doesn’t have a lot of pig­ment to it unless you pile it into a sticky, globby mess… so while it does hold a sheer amount of pig­ment I would def­i­nitely not call it liq­uid lip colour. Tinted lip gloss is more accu­rate, and it would pack a lot more punch paired with the match­ing lip­stick.
Inci­den­tally, I’ve just bought the match­ing lip­stick — it’s gor­geous — but I have yet to test it enough for a review. For a low-end lip gloss it’s not too sticky and lasts for hours (night­club tested) and there’s hardly any shimmer/frost which suits me just fine.
The smell? Like play-dough, to be hon­est. But a more palat­able ver­sion that I actu­ally like.
Rat­ing: ★★★☆☆, would recommend.


“Mega Plush Volum’ Express” by May­belline
Shade: Black/Brown
Where: Price­line
How Much: $19.95
My old daily mas­cara (The Falsies) was start­ing to get dry and ugly so I ven­tured out to get some more. Instead, I saw the adver­tise­ments for this new one and grabbed it quickly on my way out — hence the black/brown shade, I didn’t stop to read which colour I was buy­ing.
I’ve pretty much found that all of the Volum’ Express Mas­cara range from May­belline is about the same qual­ity, so I just try the new prod­ucts to test the new brushes.
As usual, it didn’t fail me and I’m still using it as my daily mas­cara. How­ever, I will not repur­chase because I found this new brush picks up A LOT of prod­uct and it’s harder to coat each lash with­out clump­ing it on one spot or some­how get­ting the mess on my eye­lids. I like my morn­ing rou­tine to be easy and quick, I don’t have time for fiddling!
Rat­ing: ★★☆☆☆, would not rec­om­mend (unless you like to spend time on your lashes) Try The Falsies or any other Volum’ Express for that matter!


“Pout About It!” Lip Colour
Shade: Orange Crush
Where: Sports­girl
How Much: $9.95
The rea­son I bought this was because I have this per­fect orange lip liner in my col­lec­tion, but every red-orange lip­stick in my reper­toire just dulls its flam­ing glory — First World beauty prob­lems. So nat­u­rally when I found this near-perfect orange shade I snapped it up with­out think­ing twice.
In sum­mary: Glad I did! Sportsgirl’s lip­stick range is actu­ally pretty decent. Good pig­men­ta­tion, semi-matte fin­ish but not dry­ing on the lips, usu­ally a huge prob­lem for me. The shade itself is bright but easy to pull off.
The smell is what I can only describe as clas­sic unscented lip­stick, Sports­girl obvi­ously isn’t big on scent­ing their prod­ucts. Not unpleas­ant or over­pow­er­ing though, which can turn me off a lip­stick in seconds.
Rat­ing: ★★★☆☆, would recommend.


Lip Balm by May­belline
Shade: Honey Trap
Where: Lush
How Much: $9.95 (debatable)
Now I can’t find my receipt to say how much I paid for this, but it was def­i­nitely not $10! I wouldn’t pay that much for a lip balm I’ve never tried before… I think I paid about $5.95 or less. But the online Lush store is telling me $9.95.
Mov­ing on from money, this is my new favourite lip balm! I wear lip balm all day every day unless I’m wear­ing lip­stick, and Honey Trap takes the cake. From the instant I smelled it I fell in love — “White choco­late balm for vanilla-honey kisses”. The scent is still so lus­cious, it’s like a treat every time I apply it… yum!
Just for some icing on the cake, it’s all nat­ural, hand-made, veg­e­tar­ian, and super mois­tur­is­ing, you need this in your life!
Rat­ing: ★★★★★, would recommend.



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