Some­thing you’ll prob­a­bly notice in my lip­stick col­lec­tion is a run­ning theme of nudes, neu­tral pinks and paler colours. This is mostly because I have very small lips and wear­ing dark or bright colours makes it very notice­able! I still absolutely love to play with dif­fer­ent colours when I go out, but for daily wear here are the four most-used, most-loved lip­sticks in my purse…

“Colour Inject” Min­eral Lip­stick by Australis
Shade: Jive
Where: Priceline
How Much: $12.95

I’ve had this lit­tle gem for a while and it’s prob­a­bly my most-used lip­stick. Com­pared to the swatches around it, it may seem like a dull, dark pink but it actu­ally applies a wear­able but bright, girly pink on the lips.
I get loads of com­pli­ments on this one, and I would say it’s a neu­tral pink, maybe on the cool side. It goes with pretty much every skin tone I’ve tried it on, it’s not too flashy for every­day wear and not too bor­ing for going out.
It has a glossy fin­ish, is super mois­tur­is­ing and lasts for hours!

Rat­ing: ★★★★★, would recommend
Lip Quench SPF30+ By Face Of Australia
Shade: Lychee Crush
Where: Priceline
How Much: $9.45

This is the sec­ond tube I’ve gone through, this was my favourite every­day shade for a long time! I’ve opted not to show you the bul­let for this one, because for lack of a bet­ter term, it’s man­gled. While I do love the for­mula for its mois­tur­is­ing prop­er­ties, its sun pro­tec­tion and the glossy fin­ish, it does NOT keep well. This one I have here was only bought a few months ago and worn a few times, but maybe I left it in a hot car or some­thing (even though it’s been freez­ing win­ter for months…?) because it’s half melted, nearly falls out at the slight­est touch, it’s oily and cov­ered in lit­tle bub­bles. Not so hot.
Besides the unfor­tu­nate state of this par­tic­u­lar tube, I really do love it! It feels quite slip­pery on the lips though and has a very glossy finish.

Rat­ing: ★★★★☆, would recommend
“Colour Inject” Min­eral Lip­stick by Australis
Shade: Mambo
Where: Priceline
How Much: $12.95

I used to wear this one all the time when I went out, it was the only nude that matched my skin tone nicely! But back then, I was too lazy and une­d­u­cated to put on blush so I looked dead and colour­less most of the time.
I can’t fault the for­mula for this one though — for my price range any­way. It goes on smoothly, has a slightly glossy fin­ish and stays for ages. I even love the smell for these! If you’re look­ing for a good nude then I sug­gest you give this one a try.

Rat­ing: ★★★★☆, would recommend
“Pout About It!” Lip Colour
Shade: Wanderlust
Where: Sportsgirl
How Much: $9.95

I was hes­i­tant to buy this at first because in the store it looked very lilac/lavender-purple and I didn’t think it was going to be very wear­able. I only ended up buy­ing it because I was sure it was the lip­stick coun­ter­part to the beau­ti­ful “Cal­i­for­nia Dreams” lip gloss. Luck­ily, once it’s out of the tube it’s a stun­ning cool-toned pas­tel pink.
It has a matte fin­ish which appears a lit­tle chalky on its own but paired with a lip gloss it doesn’t have any dry­ing effect. Gor­geous shade, decent qual­ity, and no scent to speak of, it’s per­fect to test out this season’s lilac lips on yourself!

Rat­ing: ★★★☆☆, would recommend
Swatches Left to Right: Wan­der­lust, Jive, Mambo, Lychee Crush
Top — Nat­ural Daylight
Bot­tom — Under Flash