Hi Every­one! Today I thought I’d put up my first “nails of the day” post for you guys. I’ll be the first to admit my nail pol­ish appli­ca­tion is a bit sloppy and I can’t bring myself to push my cuti­cles back (the thought of it is like nails on a chalk­board to me!) so my weirdly-shaped nails leave a lit­tle to be desired. Nonethe­less I really want to share with you the nail pol­ishes I’ve been lov­ing and new designs for you to try. So today on my nails is Sally Hansen’s “I Pink I Can” from the Com­plete Salon Man­i­cure range.

No mat­ter what light I put them under the cam­era just couldn’t do jus­tice to this shade. It’s such a bright pink it’s bor­der­line flu­o­res­cent! I was actu­ally in the mar­ket for a much softer, more del­i­cate shade of pink when I picked this one up and I was sur­prised to find it was noth­ing like what I could see in the bot­tle. Once I got over my ini­tial dis­ap­point­ment I grew to love this colour; It stands out so much my nails become the state­ment in my out­fit, and it’s so gor­geous for the warmer weather as we come into Summer.

This is actu­ally the only Sally Hansen nail pol­ish I’ve tried (besides the top coat) and the for­mula is the best one I’ve expe­ri­enced from a drug­store brand. The pig­men­ta­tion of this par­tic­u­lar shade is pretty decent, here I applied 2 coats to get it nice and opaque. I like the appli­ca­tion brush it comes with, it’s wider and shorter than your aver­age and much eas­ier to work with. It’s sup­posed to be one of those “one stroke appli­ca­tion” brushes — which is pretty rub­bish, nobody can get a per­fect nail in one stroke — but it is cer­tainly a lot stead­ier and eas­ier to use than most other drug­store pol­ishes. The stay­ing power is great too; this usu­ally lasts me about a week (once I get sick of it and take it off) with only a lit­tle chip­ping on my index finger.

The Com­plete Salon Man­i­cure range of pol­ishes is sup­posed to be a base coat, strength­ener, growth treat­ment, salon-inspired colour, top coat, chip-resistance and a gel fin­ish all in 1 bot­tle and I think it lives up to it’s promises fairly well. I still used a top coat (Sally Hansen’s Dia­mond Flash) because I wanted an extra shiny, pol­ished fin­ish but I skipped a base coat and haven’t expe­ri­enced any bad effects from it. As for the “gel fin­ish” I should prob­a­bly men­tion: it’s quite a thick for­mula and I was wor­ried about how thick the lay­ers ended up being, which is why I just stuck with 2 coats. The pol­ish still dried ridicu­lously fast some­how and it does have that thick, shiny “gel” look to it but I feel like if I had added one more layer I would be able to peel off the whole nail pol­ish layer in one go.

I still think the Com­plete Salon Man­i­cure range is worth a go and will def­i­nitely be buy­ing more colours! Sally Hansen’s “I Pink I Can” and the rest of the col­lec­tion is $14.95 from Price­line and most drug­stores. So what do you think of today’s girly-girl bright pink? Let me know in the com­ments or on twit­ter @MaklinaMakeup!
  • http://www.kpsays.com Karen

    Love your blog. I used to do just the post pre­views on my blog as well, as I thought it made it look more stream­lined and clean. I had many read­ers say they didn’t like it, espe­cially for a new blog. So just a bit of advice. I actu­ally like the “read more”, but stopped in on my blog. Hon­estly, haven’t seen any mea­sur­able improve­ment on engage­ment. I’m almost five months blog­ging! If I can help you, or if we could come up with any great col­labs, let me know :) Karen

    • Bambi

      Thanks, I agree! I thought it might be eas­ier to scroll through and read if the whole post was there but some­thing about my theme won’t let me but the bother of cod­ing and cus­tomis­ing a whole new one just seems dread­ful. Con­grat on nearly 5 months! haha I’d love to work together soon. :) Bambi xxxx

  • http://www.joannaloves.com Joanna

    This colour is insanely cute x

    • Bambi

      Thanks, I love it! It’s prob­a­bly my most-used nail pol­ish haha xx