I am a huge fan of orange lips! I’ve never seen some­one look bad with orange lip­stick, although that may well be due to the fact that it’s not some­thing you see every day. I think orange is the per­fect colour for spring and sum­mer; it’s vibrant, it’s fun, it really stands out and still takes on the ele­gance of a red lip. Here’s my favourite prod­uct com­bi­na­tion for stun­ning, play­ful orange lips…
First up! Mod­els Pre­fer Infi­nite Colour Lip Liner in End­less Orange. This is a per­fect ver­mil­ion orange, so bright I wasn’t sure it would be very wear­able when I bought it. Once it applies on the lips the orange becomes less pro­nounced and it trans­forms into more of a warm red. The pen­cil itself is very soft and creamy and super pig­mented, and not once has it bled or smudged as the day pro­gressed. The entire Mod­els Pre­fer range is exclu­sive to Price­line in Aus­tralia (sorry to my inter­na­tional read­ers!) but you can grab this pen­cil for $7.99 here. I love this shade just by itself but it needs just a lit­tle more opac­ity, done with a pen­cil it tends to look a lit­tle streaky and uneven. Which brings me to num­ber two:

Pout About It! Lip Colour in Orange Crush. I love this shade of orange-red, it looks dif­fer­ent in the bul­let from the lip liner but it mim­ics the colour per­fectly once it’s on the lips. The pig­men­ta­tion is great with this but the for­mula seems a lit­tle patchy. The prod­uct tends to clump together in spots on my lips — not notice­ably, or I wouldn’t wear it — but enough that I’ve got my eyes open when I go shop­ping for a replace­ment. I’m yet to find a bet­ter for­mula with the exact shade of orange that I like but Pout About It works just as well as I need it to. I do love it’s stay­ing power, it lasts all day, even after eat­ing! That, and it has a gor­geous neon fin­ish that I haven’t seen else­where. You can pick up Orange Crush for $9.95 at Sports­girl or online here.

Here’s some pho­tos of the fin­ished look: End­less Orange Lip Liner all over the lip and then Orange Crush over the top. Keep in mind, it’s a bit of a sloppy job, I didn’t bother with clean­ing up the edges with con­cealer. Also, the cam­era just can’t seem to do the neon fin­ish jus­tice! It looks so vibrant and eye-popping but clean and elegant.
So what do you think? Do you love or loathe orange lips? I think it’s the most per­fect spring look for day­time or evening. Let me know your thoughts in the com­ments below or on twit­ter @Maklinamakeup!
  • http://zaras-bowsandpearls.blogspot.co.uk zara

    What a lovely lil blog you got here! :) found you via #bbloggers

    orange suits you, i wouldn’t dare to try it! i tend to stick to safer shades lol

    new fol­lower

    zara xx

  • Bambi

    Thankyou! But you’re right, it’s a bit too bold for every day wear haha
    Thanks for fol­low­ing, I’ll do the same! :D
    Bambi xxx