Hi Every­one, I’m back just in time for Hal­loween with a Pop Art car­toon makeup look! This has been fly­ing around the youtube-sphere for quite a while now and is far from orig­i­nal I know, but one more tuto­r­ial is one more help­ing hand out there for any­one who wants to give it a go. Best of all, it was eas­ily done with the makeup I already had lying around and as such would be a fan­tas­tic idea for the mad last-minute rush to get ready for Hal­loween. I famously suck at being pre­pared for Hal­loween so a quick makeup look is always my go-to saviour.

I really adore the Lichtenstein-inspired looks float­ing around, but I had no red cos­tume makeup or any­thing sim­i­lar to use for the red dots. That’s when I hap­pened across Shaaanxo’s tuto­r­ial on youtube and I fell in love with the colour scheme she used! I really wanted to put my own spin on the look and use unique colours but I couldn’t tear myself away from the yel­low eyes and pink lips, so here’s my not-so-original ver­sion of the Pop Art car­toon makeup look…

Ready to get into it? Yes? Good, let’s go!
Alright, Step One: Get a good base down! This step is really up to you, but I chose Revlon Col­orstay for full cov­er­age. Right now I have no fake tan on and I’m nearly about as pale as I can get, so today I used Col­orstay in 002 Buff, and worked that right into the skin with my real tech­niques expert face brush. I then blended some con­cealer under my eyes and on my blem­ishes, and set it with some May­belline ‘Fit Me’ pow­der for a flaw­less finish.

For blush I used a bright bar­bie pink colour: Sleek Makeup’s blush in Pixie Pink. It’s so bright and gor­geous and i thought it would be per­fect for this look! I just swept to colour right across my cheek­bones with my Real Tech­niques Blush brush. I built the colour up to about a medium opac­ity, although I wish I had added a bit more for a bet­ter con­trast with the white dots we’re adding soon.
Step Two: Let’s get the eyes and lips done. I used NYX’s jumbo pen­cil in Milk a lot in this look, but you can use any sim­i­lar white base for this part. I put Milk all over my my lid and just above the crease so the yel­low pig­ment would really ‘pop’ and stand out. This whole comic look is big on the bright colours so the brighter, the bet­ter! I also mapped out the shape of my tear under my eye with the jumbo pencil.

Next, I took a bright yel­low colour and pressed it down all over the lid. I just used one from my old 88 palette because I couldn’t find a bright yel­low any­where in my makeup drawer! I would have pre­ferred a brighter, matte shade but this works just fine. I pressed it down onto the white base rather than swept it over because I really wanted a nice opaque build up of colour. I took the yel­low right up just above my crease also because I wanted it to be seen when my eyes are open, my lids have that nasty habit of cov­er­ing up all my hard work as soon as I open them (damnit).

Then, I just took a light blue from the same palette and pressed it into the base out­line of my tear. Both the colours I used were shim­mer unfor­tu­nately, I think matte colours would have really popped and looked much nicer but, eh, gotta work with what you’ve got!

For the lips, I used Pout About It! Lip colour from Sports­girl in the shade Wan­der­lust, which is a bright pink/lilac shade. I chose this one specif­i­cally because it was the best-fitting matte pink in my col­lec­tion but if you have any­thing brighter, go for it! Before we move on, just work some white liner into your lower lash­line and waterline.
Time for Step Three: adding the dots! This part is fairly easy if you’re using the jumbo pen­cil like I did. You can use white cos­tume makeup or paint with a small brush, a white eye­liner — pro­vided it’s nice and soft — or a jumbo pen­cil. NYX’s range of jumbo pen­cils has the best for­mula and stay­ing power but if you can get your hands on the cheaper LA colours pen­cils, those will work just fine as well.

You want to start draw­ing the dots in rows around your face, any size and den­sity is fine but I used fairly large and well-spaced dots to save time; any way you pre­fer will look just fine. If you can keep the dots as evenly spaced and neatly arranged as you can the effect will be much bet­ter, but let’s be hon­est, that’s ask­ing a bit too much of my patience for a last-minute makeup look! Keep adding dots all over until your face is full and looks nice and ridicu­lous. you can include your neck if you have the patience, but it’s not necessary.
Next comes the tricky part; Step Four: Adding Liner! I say tricky because this took the longest for me to get done, ended up get­ting pretty messy (ugh!) and learn­ing how to use lin­ers can be pretty dif­fi­cult for begin­ners. For this step you will need a liq­uid or gel eye­liner in black. I stuffed up and chose Maybelline’s eye stu­dio Last­ing Drama gel liner, which is more of a creme and is very dry and hard to work with! No mat­ter what I tried, every stroke on my face was streaky and messy-looking. If you can get a good gel liner or a liq­uid this should be easy peasy. You’ll want to start with a nice, long, winged eye, then start to out­line points on your face like a car­toon. It’s hard to explain where to out­line using so few words, so use the final pic­ture of this look as a guide. Out­line your lips also, mine look pretty messed-up because I have such tiny lips and my gel liner was so dry and crumbly! How frustrating.

Fill in your eye­brows and adjust the shape to look more worried/sad (you are cry­ing, remem­ber). Take the time to map out some expres­sion lines and a new crease. I know I’m not describ­ing it very well but you’ll be able to copy off the pic­tures at the end!
Nearly done! Now for Step Five: fin­ish­ing touches. Find some nice, big, false eye­lashes and apply those. I used some cheap ones from ebay and applied them with some Ardell Lash Glue. Once the glue is dry, add mas­cara on your top and bot­tom lashes. Now all that’s left is to go back and fix any small mis­takes, add some lines or dots here and there… add some accents to your lips and the tear with some more of your white base. And that’s really it, you’re done! If you’ve got any wigs lying around or a suit­able out­fit, now is the time to add those.

Remem­ber this is just a guide and you can tweak it any way you like. If you want to stay true to the orig­i­nal comics, red dots on your face might be more suit­able. Red lips, pur­ple eyes, blue eyes, pink lips, any­thing you like! Have a happy Hal­loween everyone!