Let me just say that I think Sleek Makeup prod­ucts are bril­liant for the price, espe­cially here in Aus­tralia where every­thing costs an arm and a leg. I am, after all, a stu­dent on low wages so lit­tle bud­get gems like these really take the edge off my beauty splurg­ing! Here’s a quick review on my most-used and favourite bud­get blush palette: The Sleek Blush By 3 in Lace. I love Sleek Makeup’s pack­ag­ing, it’s so, well, ‘sleek’, sophis­ti­cated, min­i­mal and sturdy — I wish all my palettes and blushes came this way! My pho­tos may make it seem a lit­tle lack­lus­tre, but that’s just because I use this blush so damn much, it’s all cov­ered in makeup smudges and pig­ments I can’t seem to get off!
I’ve had my Lace palette for a while now so excuse the dusty mess all over it! I gave my very best shot at clean­ing it out but the colours tend to get a bit chalky and dusty when you’re pick­ing some up on your brush. Now when I first received this palette in the mail it was a lit­tle daunt­ing and I didn’t think I would ever be able to pull off the ridicu­lously bright shades inside. Don’t be alarmed if you feel the same way — now that I’ve had a chance to play with them and try them on I would rec­om­mend this palette to just about any­body with any skin tone! Lace comes with 3 dif­fer­ent shades that can be used on their own, used with a high­lighter, or lay­ered together for dimen­sion. There’s 20g of prod­uct there, which is fan­tas­tic for the $10 that I paid.

Cro­chet is a bright peach/orange matte shade. I hon­estly didn’t think any­one could wear this kind of shade when I first bought it (the beauty rookie that I was) but now it’s the one I use nearly every­day! It’s very pig­mented and a lit­tle goes a long way, but over­all the fin­ish of this one is my favourite from the palette. It doesn’t seem to spray orange pig­ment all over the place as soon as I brush the pan, which is a prob­lem I have with Chan­tilly. The orange colour isn’t too bright or unnat­ural at all, in fact is seems to mimic a nat­ural flush very well — Cro­chet is def­i­nitely my favourite to build up to a healthy, sun-kissed look.

Guipure is the only shim­mer fin­ish in the palette and is a peach-coral shade (sit­ting right in between the peachy-orange of Cro­chet and pinky-coral of Chan­tilly) blended with gold shim­mer par­ti­cles, and the effect is daz­zling. It’s very sim­i­lar (if not exactly the same) as Rose Gold from Sleek Makeup’s sin­gle blushes col­lec­tion. Guipure is per­fect as a blush/highlighter com­bi­na­tion on it’s own, or can be used in con­junc­tion with the other colours in this palette to add dimen­sion and shine. I like to sweep a lit­tle over Cro­chet for a more glow­ing look.

Chan­tilly is the last matte in the palette and the most pig­mented. This one I tend to use a lot less because I find it to be slightly chalky and pow­dery. As soon as I dip my brush into the pan bits and pieces go fly­ing every­where, all over the mir­ror, the palette and the other colours! It seems to col­lect in chalky lit­tle chunks on my brush and is harder to work with and blend. I haven’t seen any­one else men­tion this prob­lem with their palette so it’s likely I got a bit of a dud; not all prod­ucts come out per­fect. Still, used spar­ingly (due to the high pig­men­ta­tion) this colour is absolutely dar­ling. It’s a super-bright coral shade, lean­ing towards hot pink.

For every­day wear I already men­tioned Cro­chet is my go-to shade, but no mat­ter what makeup I’m wear­ing at least one of these shades will per­form! This palette is always in my travel bag and the solid, com­pact pack­ag­ing ensures I never get bright orange makeup all over my bag… thank good­ness. I try to stay packaging-savvy since that time my bronzer exploded all over the con­tents of my bag… not a good day!

Here’s some swatches for you…
Left: Nat­ural Light; Right: Flash

My Sleek Blush by 3 palette in Lace is def­i­nitely a keeper and I would rec­om­mend it to any­one look­ing for a healthy, nat­ural flush for their every­day rou­tine! It can be pur­chased from the Sleek Web­site Here for $12.49 AUD.

Have you pur­chased any Sleek Blush by 3 palettes? I’m super inter­ested to hear about the other shades you can buy and if they work for you!