Firmoo Glasses Maklina Makeup

Today I’ve got a post for all you spectacle-wearers! A few weeks ago I was con­tacted by to par­tic­i­pate in review­ing a pair of their eye glasses. I was super excited for this oppor­tu­nity because I des­per­ately needed a new pair of glasses but didn’t have the bud­get to spend hun­dreds at my local stores. After perus­ing the web­site for a while, I found myself wish­ing I’d heard about Fir­moo ear­lier — I could have saved a lot of money! They have a huge selec­tion of frames to choose from at very good prices, and the pack­ages avail­able are cheaper than any­thing I could find in my local area. They have pre­scrip­tion and non-prescription lenses avail­able, as well as sun­glasses, and there is no charge added to the price of the frames for a stan­dard pre­scrip­tion with anti-scratch coat­ing. The web­site was easy to use and there’s a handy built-in fea­ture to vir­tu­ally “try-on” the frames before you buy to see how they will fit your face. This was extremely help­ful for me because the hard­est part of shop­ping for glasses is find­ing frames that suit the shape and fea­tures of your face. Also avail­able for each frame are the mea­sure­ments of the lens, bridge and length to com­pare against your current/previous frames; yet another fea­ture to help you make the right decision.

Firmoo Glasses Maklina Makeup

I ended up choos­ing these frames; square-shaped in Tor­toise­shell. The entire pack­age included my cho­sen frames + my pre­scrip­tion + Anti-glare, Anti-Scratch and Anti-UV coat­ings, a case (super sturdy), a sleeve, a microfi­bre cloth and also a repair tool. The full price of these glasses had I pur­chased them would have been $29, which is an incred­i­ble price!

The frames avail­able range in price from around $10–40, so to be totally hon­est I was expect­ing them to feel cheap and flimsy. But while the frames are light-weight, they feel sturdy and well con­structed. I’ve heard that some peo­ple had trou­ble with their glasses, find­ing them to be cheaply made and eas­ily bro­ken, but for me that was def­i­nitely not the case. I have worn these glasses every day since I received them and they have def­i­nitely stood up to the test! The pre­scrip­tion is spot on (obvi­ously impor­tant!) and the anti-glare, anti-scratch and anti-UV coat­ing have been a blessing.

One rec­om­men­da­tion I have for you if you want to pur­chase your glasses online: Get your PD (Pupil­lary Dis­tance) mea­sured by an optometrist rather than try­ing to do it at home with a ruler. I got my house­mate to mea­sure mine at home but it’s def­i­nitely not a reli­able method and I was wor­ry­ing the whole time that I had got­ten it wrong! Being a mil­lime­tre or two off might not seem like a big dif­fer­ence, but the last thing you want is to get your glasses and not be able to see out of them properly.

Firmoo Glasses Maklina Makeup

Over­all, I’m very happy with my glasses. They’re excel­lent qual­ity, espe­cially for the adver­tised price. Only time can tell how durable they will be, but they’re com­fort­able and sta­ble and have not scratched eas­ily. I’ll def­i­nitely be buy­ing my glasses from Fir­moo from now on! In fact, I’m due for some new read­ing glasses…

So visit and have a look at their col­lec­tion if you’re look­ing for new pre­scrip­tion glasses, sun­glasses, or just some non-prescription glasses to style up. I hope this helps you next time you need to buy glasses!

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